For a long time I have been struggling to find out where my family and I belong! As A white Afrikaans person in post 1994 South Africa , the longing to be patriotic and to be part of a new South Africa , takes up a lot of my thinking . This blog gives me the chance to share my thoughts and beliefs , and  to me most importantly , an outlet to my longing to be part of this country  , while being frustrated not to do so.

I must make the following confession:

  • I am white
  • I was privileged under the apartheid system
  • My children are privileged because I was privileged under the apartheid system
  • I have a house , car and food to eat , a middle class life

My biggest failure in life , was not to see the evil of apartheid , and not to stand up against it ! There is no excuse or reason good enough , for  people to enslave and de humanize another people , because on the colour of their skins.

It is 23 years after South Africa’s first democratic election , and to be honest , my life has not changed much . I am still privileged , my children goes to university , I have work , and a good life .

However I have no patriotism , I have to hear from the government and other politicians that I am the reason of every problem this country have. I am told daily that I do not belong , and stole the land I live in .

It is with this background ,that I start this blog . More for me than anyone , it gives me the opportunity to vent , feel ashamed   and all the other human emotions I go trough on a daily basis .   Maybe this can help people , who feel the same as I do .


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