This morning I was privileged to read the article regarding Coligny on Network 24,written by Rian Malan . Rian Malan is an acclaimed journalist and author of My Traitor’s Heart and Resident Alien. A deep sadness overcame me after reading the article . I always try to be an optimist , but  what happened in Coligny ,maybe the vision for the rest of South Africa.

I do not want to use the word black people , because that is generalizing  everybody under one group and that is one of the biggest problems in South Africa . So lets use the word “current  disadvantaged communities” .  These current  disadvantaged communities are the melting pot , of problems for the so-called New South Africa.These communities are fed from a menu ,stating the following :

  • White people are only guests  in this country
  • White people stole what belonged to them
  • All white people are rich
  • All white people hate black people etc.

This non sense  is advocated by politicians  when it suits them to hide their own inadequasies and shortcomings and propagated by the mass media to sell newspapers and articles.

The truth is that there is white families in this country , longer than some black families and that the majority of property in this country has been  bought and paid for .Current information puts the percentage at 73% , so-called white middle class people with debt problems .Regarding hating black people ,whites do more for current  disadvantaged communities than the  government ever do with their paltry subsidies.

This is not a “bitching” blog , and that is not what I want to contribute , it is rather , what are we going to do to change these perceptions.

To be honest the so-called truth and reconciliation commission , only addressed a small part of the people living in this country , and then mostly politicians and there agents of evildoers .

It is a fact that there is a difference in the perceptions of both black and white , these differences should be discussed , understood  and  respected.

Yes, I know what you are going to say . ” There is nothing I can do ”  . You are so wrong . I am not a religious person , however 2 of the keys of making a difference in South Africa is :

  • Treat people , like you would like to be treated
  • Love your fellow human being as you love yourself

So lets address the perceptions on both sides of the spectrum , and learn to respect each other , one conversation or act a time!

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