It is strange how everyone is looking for something different. I can honestly say that after being able to travel overseas and in Africa, I always were extremely happy to be back. Maybe it is not that strange , seeing that my family has been here since the 1700 , my language comes from this country , my elders are buried in this country , and my ancestors has been part and parcel of making South Africa, the greatest country in Africa.

What is also true is that my ancestors were also part in one off the biggest human crimes of the history of the world. Apartheid is and will always be an atrocious act, something that can never be forgiven and should never be forgotten .It is un humane to ever discriminate against any person, because of the colour of his or her skin. It caused widespread poverty, illiterate people and physical and psychological scares, some that will never go away.

What is also true , is the following , I was born in 1967, in 1985  I was 18 , and legible to vote , I could participate in 2 general elections and in one national referendum . My vote is not important however in those 2 elections, in 1987 and 1989, the ground work was done for the National Referendum in 1992. The referendum centered on the following question:

“Do you support continuation of the reform process which the State President began on 2 February 1990 and which is aimed at a new Constitution through negotiation?”

The “yes” vote won 68% to 61%. In 1994 the first democratic election took place, which was won by the ANC.

The point I am trying to make is the following, two thirds of the population at this time wanted a new South Africa. It is widely accepted that the birth of apartheid as an ideology started in 1948, although by that time discrimination against people of colour was in place for more than 300 years. Let’s take an individual that voted for the first time in 1948, this person was 18 in 1930. In the referendum in 1994, these people would have been 64 years old, and they are currently 87 years old in 2017. The point is, there is not a lot of them left. The majority by far in the white population wanted change, and was part and parcel of the change that took place in 1994.

The following is also a fact that the majority of white people in this country, did benefit from apartheid, in one way or the other. In education, way of life, the distribution of health etc. This is by no means insignificant and is responsible for the wide chasm of wealth between the majority of white and people of colour in this country.

But, the following is also fact, the ANC has been in power the last 23 years, that is exactly   50% of the time the National Party and their ideology of Apartheid was in place. Their ideology as explained in the “Freedom Charter”, that makes provisions of no discrimination of people on account of the colour of their skin has been followed by affirmative action and raised taxes on people that earns over a certain threshold. White people are daily bombarded by the ANC, EFF, COSATU and the SACP, telling us that we are guests in this country, and should keep our mouths and opinions to ourselves.

This after in the past 23 years they were the architects of the highest crime rate in the world, the creation of one of the most corrupt government in the worlds history, the highest death rate of children under 3 months, the absolute destruction of the biggest economy in Africa, and an executive government that do not honor the courts in their country. Not to talk about the nonexistence of our borders of our country, followed by an estimated 5 000 000 illegal immigrants from across Africa that is leading to daily xenophobic incidents. Maybe we should forget the daily service delivery protests from Cape Town to Coligny, or the noncompliance to the World Court, or government IT systems that is hacked on a daily basis.

Government business is not easy, and the changing from a comrade to a chairman is not easy, but remember 50% of your time is up. The people of this country are dragging themselves out of the quack mire of apartheid and bad government, we do not belief the untruths and far fetch stories you tell on a daily basis. You’re deeds are seen, and your corruption is mind boggling while people go to beds without a meal in their stomachs.


Please remember the following , I am an African , I am not a guest in my own country , neither am I blameless , however I was part and parcel of the change in this country . I do not have or want 2 passports, this is my country too, and has been for a very long time. I will not be told by you or anyone else, that I am a footnote in the history of this country.


 With change comes responsibility, I am ready to take it on, are you………………………………………………………………………..?   


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