The materialistic race to see who owns the most toys, is really getting the better of me. Anyone that knows me, will know that I love pretty watches, and single malt whisky. I have never been in the league of sports cars or palaces for a house. But the last couple of months , the materialistic part of my life , has been front most of what I think, and I ashamed to think , that for a long time , my priorities were totally screwed up .
I am only human, and do not profess to be anything else as human. I also like nice stuff! Having a single malt whisky and a proper cigar, is one of life’s better things. However more and more the whisky is not as nice as it used to be, and the cigar makes me cough. The reason as I say this, is that while I sit in the lap of luxury, there is a 5 year old girl that is scrounging trough other peoples rubbish, looking for something to eat on the Rooiberg trash dump.
Now, let’s be honest, what do we say, does the following sound familiar:
• I pay taxes not my problem
• Me and my kids come first
• I will give , but is white or black kids
• Was it not for the black corrupt government , these things can be sorted
• I give my 10th to the church
• They will just sell the stuff and buy glue
• I can only help me and my family ………………….
Well, I am finding, that without having a conscious, and without being aware that every one of us needs to have social responsibility, we are nothing. I have no illusions, I feel good if I am able to help somebody less fortunate than me. Maybe it is my ego I am helping, or maybe it just makes me sleep better at night. The point is, it does not matter what your motivation is.
The people reading my blog, has no illusions around how I feel about religion, so when I try to help, it is not what God wants, that ship has sailed. The majority of people know I work in security, and it is not the best paying job in the world, so I cannot do it to impress people. I am not doing it to fix all the shitty things I did earlier in my life. Jacky and me do it because of the following reasons.
Firstly why not? Is it not our responsibility to help our fellow man , one less braai , one less going out to dinner can pay for the meals of a child for a whole month .I still go out to dinner , I still braai , I still drink my single malt whisky , and smoke my cigar . We just do it a bit less
Secondly, if we in all our endeavors just help one child, we did our job
Thirdly, if you see the “thanks”, and also the “why” in these children’s faces, then you know why ……….
Lastly, we are so lucky and we feel so good that we were able to help.

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