Unfortunately the legacy of Apartheid is a cloud, that will hang over us for a long time, not only did it cause, widespread damage and hate in the communities of color, it also caused damage to the psyche of the so-called white population.
Just as people of color was told that they were un human, not worthy second class human beings, whites (Afrikaners) especially was told that they were the exact opposite. From our churches we were told we were Gods chosen race, and that people of color was not worthy. It is history, how people of color was treated those years, and that is not what I want to talk about today.
I want to talk about, how white people, even 23 years after apartheid still belief they are better than people of color. The majority of white people in South Africa do not want to change , yes, they do belief apartheid was wrong , however the problem was fixed in 1994 , so just leave us alone , that we can go on with our lives! Seeing that we still get paid better than people of color, we can still afford our houses, cars and medical aid. So as long as you leave that alone, we whites will be ok. If you really dig it the psyche of white people, the majority of them still puts themselves on a pedestal.
The truth is the following. You cannot ever change your personality, however every person is able to change his actions. If we as whites do not change our actions we will not be  part and parcel of the new South Africa, and then make peace with it .
Again we will say, that is ok, as long as we are left alone. Let me wake you up, we have lost our humanity. Not only whites, some of the newly formed middle class of people of color is exactly the same. We just want to be left alone!
This does not mean, we should go out and sell our furniture, and give the money to the poor, no, it must be a normal process. The saying goes “charity starts at home “. Start with your domestic worker and her family, does she get paid fairly. How is her children doing at school, can you help with stationery laying around in your house. Do we rather throw away extra food, than share it with the guy sitting on the pavement, looking for a job? What do we do with our extra clothes, underwear is always in short supply with the poor. In short we can do so much more just around us
The next thing you are going to ask me is, why should we change, people of color treat us like shit, the politicians threaten us, they will take our property, and we are only visitors in our own country. At work it is the same, if there is too much pressure put on fellow employees, we are immediately called racist. While we are discriminated against because we have a white skin, we had nothing to do with apartheid!
The reason why we should change is because we can, we have the ability, and we still do have something to give, even if it is our second-hand goods. We are humans and we should be humane without expecting anything back. It is that not the right way to live, how we can enjoy the fruits of out labor, while there is 40% of all people going to sleep hungry at night. Or will we say that is not my responsibility, and not change our lives.
We should not change because we want to be accepted by people of color as fellow citizens. No I am a citizen of this country and will always be. Please do not for one moment see my willingness to change ,to being charitable ,as weakness. That you do on your own peril.
We change to be more charitable, because we can and it is the right thing to do

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