During the week-end my son came home for a short, he is busy with exams so he was even more irritable than before. He made it clear he wants to discuss nothing, read no persons opinion and to put in short was “gatvol” for all the bad news currently in the news. My daughter, as a 5th year medicine student was so tired after having to work a 14 hour shift and trying to study, that she felt asleep in company, 3 times before supper, I did not think about it at the time, as any visit from any of my children is precious.


However, now, a few days later, after giving it some thought, I cannot help but agree with my son. The endless bad news, bad crime, bad economy, bad politicians and even bad sport, is like a deep hole that is threatening to engulf me. The rape and death of the beautiful Matie student Hannah Cornelius, wants one to stop working and start guarding your children every second of the day. Zuma’s sagas with corruption ,the reports about state capture and 12 000 dead people being awarded state tenders is accepted as just another day in our lives . ISIS keeps on killing innocent woman and children and Coptic- Christians for the fun of it. Our cricket and rugby teams are filled by mediocre players, who is supposed to represent us, while trying to be politically correct.


This is not the right time for the religious zealots to take me on, unfortunately their prayers and showing of the other cheek, just show how far they are removed from the present.


But what now, I have always been an optimist rather than a pessimist, and it is not my way to keep on sulking all the time (I drink medicine not to feel that way).What is the trick or behavior change, that will make us feel better about ourselves and the world out there. Because thinking about a smoky rowdy pub does not seem such a bad idea. Paulo Coelho, the very successful author of the Alchemist writes the following in one of his other books. Allow yourself to feel a bit down…………….for 5 minutes ……………….. Then start doing your thing again.


But in practical terms, what can one do, what should one do. I cannot give advice, everybody must work this out him/her self. But between me and you, the following thing work for me:

  • I force myself to feel thankful , for everything I have , from my job to my warm bed I slept in last night , the fact is more than 40% of the South African population will gladly change positions with me.
  • Force yourself to think about your amazing family ,friends and colleagues and how together you farm an amazing team
  • Do not be so hard on yourself , think about your wonderful achievements
  • Listen to some music , the medicine upbeat music gives , is a secret tonic for many of us
  • Take a piece of paper or your machine, and write down what you feel, it is good seeing something in black and white.
  • Sometimes we take it for granted, that we are so privileged, to have friends and family around us that unconditionally love us. Steal a bit of this unconditional love, have a bit of a chat and say “ I love you” to a deserving  person
  • Value your health , I promise you that people with cancer and other serious illnesses , are angry at themselves, and their down days now seem so trivial
  • Eat something nice, not a chocolate, a nice seeded bun with lots of ham, salami and other goodies like grins, tomatoes and cheese, and drink a hot chocolate, because you can.
  • Start planning something you want to do for someone less fortunate than you, an older person, a sick person, your domestic worker and her family. The point is, out there are people who needs you.


If none of the above suggestions work, so be it, just know one thing, you are not alone, millions of people around you, feel exactly like you, and remember:

I promise you the sun will come up tomorrow morning………………………..

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