I know our democracy is young, however it is astounding to me, that our politicians, in this country do not follow suit, like in the majority of democracies around the world. If there is even A breath of impropriety, politicians tend to resign across the world, if it is their fault or not. I know of case where a minister of corrections will resign, because there was an escape at a jail. The democratic characteristic if “the buck stops with me”, is unknown in this country. I can bring you countless examples, with especially what is going on in our country at this time .However it is well known. The point I do not understand, is how the electorate do not hold people accountable for their actions.


Please, do not make it racial, if you ever paid a security officer short one cent, by mistake or not, there will be implications. But the majority of the electorate do not hold senior people accountable for their actions. A case and point, Winnie Mandela was found guilty of murdering Stompie Sepei , however she is still called “The mother of the nation”. Various politicians in our government has been found to be corrupt beyond a reasonable doubt , but still they  continue in their positions , sometimes they get moved from one department to another , but they still stay up there. I can name numerous people. Tony Yengeni coming up immediately with his drunk driving.


However as soon as a person do not toe the line of the governing Party, you will quickly see charges being laid and court cases started. The governing party love confidential reports, accusing these people of spying and improper behavior. This while there is more than 700 charges of fraud outstanding against our President , the talk of state capture is in the air and the Financial Attorney General  talks about billions of rands being used without consent. The SABC is in dire straits, but still the public in large supports an idiot like Hlaudi Moetsoeneng, and giggle away whenever he has a press conference.


Do the majority of the electorate not understand, that it is their money being stolen! Not white money or capitalistic money being stolen. Do they not understand that even if they do not pay personal tax, they do pay tax, one way or the other? Or do them belief that their office bearers is entitled to wet their beaks. In other words it is part of being a party leader that you get access to tax payer’s money. I do not know, what I do know is, if you try breaking in, in the township, and the community gets hold of you, you have serious problems.


As I have said numerous times in my blogs, I am an African, it is still very difficult thing for me to understand. However, I think part of the answer lies in the absolute loyalty the electorate has in the so called victorious Freedom Fighters that brought them to power. But it is also strange that these old cadres are most critical on the actions of the fat cats. The late Chris Hani’s words is so true when he warned against personal enrichment. It must be extremely difficult to vote for any other party, expect the party that helped you get away from the shackles of “apartheid”. Even more so, if the opposition is a former white party! It makes so much sense that A party like the EFF  has been making such big strides in the political arena , even of their populist views do not carry much water , and their leaders are nearly as corrupt as the rulings party is.

Maybe we should stay calm, and applaud the actions being taken by COSATU, The council of churches, and the 3 former living Presidents. The report on state capture, by the churches and academic community of the country is also good news. The voice of Cyril Rhamaphosa is heard louder and louder .Even the Communist Party has lend his way against the President and his cronies. For the first time we saw multi-party and multi-racial marches .This is all good news !However it is still a fact , the only way to become President and make a meaning full change , is through the governing party.


I am sure the current children who is born and living in a free South Africa will not stand for this kind of bull sh………. The stories of the old days will carry less and less favor. The newer generation will think more for themselves, will be better educated and will have a lot of self-worth that was stolen in previous generations by apartheid.


So beware, the future is coming, and if the governing party do not want to be a stain on history’s material, it must get their house in order, quickly, very quickly!



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