One of the scary things about once own children, is the idiosyncrasy and mannerisms they pick up from you. A lot of them , I would rather not have given them , however my son picked up the habit of introspection at an early age , and that gives him the ability to being able to write.

His newest poem, I think it is fantastic, even if you need notes to read it. Put please allow me to brag with his words

Humanities Sins


reflectionless beyond choice

melted by an alchemist

cooked in twist

courted with Aphrodite

worn through Waterloo

dormant beneath brimming ash

red mist descending


Who am I but you?



The first line is about, the sin-Vain-how you cannot stop looking at your reflection. Alchemists was people who claimed they knew how to turn any metal into gold-Greed -To eat too much –Gluttony-he links it with the Charles Dickens book , Oliver Twist where he asks for more food. Aphrodite was the Greek god of love, he links –Lust-with this line. The –Pride-of Napoleon is linked with Waterloo. The apparent potential covered in ash,like an inactive volcano, describes –Sloth-laziness. The red mist, compared to –Anger, Wrath– The poem describes the 7 deadly sins that link all of humanity!

Well done Erik


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