Life can be interpreted in so many ways, all you need is an objective viewpoint!

South Africans has gone through an extremely difficult and tremendous political times in the last year or so! We can either choose to be a pessimist and say everything is going downhill, or we can open our eyes and horizons (something that is difficult with our conservative upbringing), and be part of the first real challenge to democracy in our country. The bottom line is we are living in extremely interesting historical times, not only in South Africa, but all over the world.

The huge immigration crisis, of people trying to get into Europe is amazingly interesting, for years and years Europe has raped, pillaged and stolen everything they could lay their hands on in Africa. Slaves were captured and sold like cargo, minerals, produce and anything of value was taken from local inhabitants, not sold, taken over the barrel of a gun. All this riches was taken to America and Europe, to enrich the countries of Europe leaving Africa with nothing .If this was not good enough America and its allies are still sticking their noses in Africa and the Middle East, deciding what government they want where. Countries like Libya, Angola, Iraq, Afghanistan, Somali etc., are all examples of America and its allies, trying to get governments in power for their convenience. Do not listen that, they are helping, bullshit, where were they when Mugabe slaughtered the Mathebele’s or the Hutu’s and Tutsi’s killing each other in Rwanda, or Idi Amin slaughtering hundreds of thousands of people in Uganda. The point is, there was nothing they wanted, that is why they did not interfere.

Europe and America , it is time you get some of this, for years and years we had to listen to your mantra of “ our way of life” . Well, it is time to start sharing, it is time you share the spoils of riches with your fellow human beings from Africa. Why do you not open your doors fully , you are the architects of this mass migration , even if you want to look away from the thousands of people drown in the Mediterranean every day. Brexit was won, with the promise of closing borders to other countries, why? In the history of mankind nobody has killed more people in the name of their country than the soldiers of the Union Jack, they started at Egypt and they ended in Cape Town. While I am horrified with the incidents of terrorism in Manchester and London, it is not a drop in the bucket to the amount of people the British killed to grow their Empire. Britain do you not remember the 27,000 woman, children and black people you enslaved in the concentration camps and then ultimately killed by starvation. Not to talk of your atrocities in India, Afghanistan and Egypt, just to name a few.

Trump is fighting to keep, his borders closed, why, I’ll tell you why, the chickens are coming home to roost .He is seeing what others do not see, the United States of America was built on the backs and with the blood of slaves they brought from Africa. To this day the enslaving of black people goes on in America , maybe not in enslavement , but what else is it that 1 in every 3 black American African men will spend some time in jail. You want to talk about “apartheid”, go to the South of America, and you will see apartheid is going well and healthy. Talking about people with 2 faces, Americans created it, until the early nineteen eighties, they provided the old apartheid regime of South Africa with weapons and money, trough the CIA. The United States of America does nothing if they cannot benefit, that is why, when it suited them, they turned their backs to the National Party in South Africa and was one of the big voices with sanctions , while playing both sides of the fence.

It is important that we as South Africans should open our eyes , we are all children of Africa, those who is from here ,those who are here hundreds of years and those who decided ,they want to make it their country . That is why it so important, that we understand that we, at this stage of our life’s are living history. That is why I am screaming out to fellow white people in this country, if you want to be here, it is time to stop being scared, stop thinking that you have earned your place in South Africa. Start being part of the answer , be good to the people around you , open yourself up to change , this is Africa , we live and act differently than the people in Europe and America. Stop moaning, stop groaning and start by changing yourself to start sharing what you have, with people who has a lot less than you.

I’ve already said it previously, I am A Afrikaans African, and I am part of the air, the earth and the people of this country. Yes, I need to give more because of apartheid, but no politician and no government will get me out of my own country. My language is from here, my skin is from here and most importantly, my heart has and always be from here.

So let’s stop bitching……………………..Be part of South Africa , be part of of something so much bigger than ourself , be part of history!

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