Last night I saw an article on Facebook ,it looked interesting , and I started looking at it , the person in the video clip , was trying to justify the way voting took place in the 1992 Referendum , also known as the Yes/No Referendum . His view was that the Bible told us to vote No, and he quoted various bible chapters and verses to “proof” his view .He also blamed the yes vote for the current state South Africa is in. I found it disturbing and stopped watching it halfway through.

I have never made a secret, of what my religious beliefs or lack of it is. I was fortunate enough to have “Bybelkunde” from Grade 9 to Grade 12 as one of my main subjects, and then 2 years at university. That does not mean I am an expert by a long shot, however it did give me a very good idea, what the main message of the Bible is. So called Bible experts and Theologians has used the Bible, for as long as it was available as the foundation for so many crackpots, it is scary. Apartheid according to preachers in my time, came from the Bible, so did many other Ideologies, just to change to something else when it suited them. The bottom line is, you can proof or disproof anything if you use certain chapters and verses in the Bible. But that is not what the main message of the Bible is, the main message of the Bible is love. This message encapsulates the whole of the Bible, it goes further saying that love is the biggest message of all, and to love those around us, as we love ourselves. I have huge respect for the Bible, the problem is that so many of us read what we want to, and not the message that is right in front of us.

I have stated this before, apartheid is and was the biggest stain in the material of history in South Africa it dehumanized people in ways that can never be repaired in our life time .It not only caused hate and mistrust, but it also took humanity away from both people of color and white people .It made people of color feel and belief they are less than a normal human being, and it made white people belief the are better than a normal human being. This abnormal and sick way of thinking is changing, but not quickly enough. The big problem being that white people fight so hard for to keep the standard of their living , that they forget that part of their jobs , is to pull up there fellow citizens of color’s living conditions and standard of life to theirs. There is no law or rule that says this must be done, however if you love your life in South Africa, and want to make it something to be proud of, start doing it now. You do not have to apologies, but start to live more with love in your heart, this will come to fruition in the way you act, and that will change people’s lives.

A small example that has been bothering me. Daily I see workers of color ,working and running to be on time for work .This while there is literally thousands of people (white and people of color) , driving alone in their cars. It is significant that these people mostly walk on the other side of the road, so they do not expect a lift anyway. But why, what is the reason, aha, crime is the reason .Who would be so stupid picking somebody up, especially in this crime ridden South Africa of ours. It is a valid point, but a point or reason that is used to make us feel better. Do not tell me, that a man in an overall, with his “skafting” (a bag with his lunch in) in his hand, purposefully walking at between 5 and 7 in the morning is a criminal. No, his on his way to work, and he can probably not pay the taxi or bus, especially toward the end of the month. This same pattern continues at the end of the day, when everybody goes home. At least then they walk on the same side as the cars. The same men , with their empty “skaftings” hanging from their hands , while thousands of vehicles with space in them drives past them without offering a lift. What is our reasons now, are we scared they smell after a day’s work, or their overalls will dirty the cars seats. I promise you, if you need an excuse, you will find one.

Yes, you have to be careful , yes, this is not for single woman I agree , but it takes so little to help someone for a couple of kilometers , who is also tired , who also want to get home , who also wants to spend time with his family. Circumstances are sometimes hectic, we will not be able to do it all the time. Just help when you can, I promise you, and you will better afterwards.
The bottom line is, love and the showing of love and respect to fellow human beings do not have rules, regulations and boundaries. The reaching out in an attempt to help or support, is just as important, as any other show of love.

If you fail to extend your heart and hand, shame, yes shame on you………………………………………..


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