As previously stated, I do belief that Morals and Ethics can be summed up by the word respect. However I am not sure I am right, according to some of my younger friends, you can earn respect, not by the time proven methods of having morals and ethics, but by the way you act and some of the deeds you do .Especially in the so called gang environment, the absents of morals and ethics would rather gain you respect. So I changed my mind, Morals and Ethics cannot be summed up as respect, but rather as a way of living to show respect to other people!

Apartheid, and its subsequent tragic consequences, had a lot to do with the downgrading of our morals and ethics, and especially what I want to discuss today, the please and thank you! People of color, in some cases as I do not want to generalize, belief that there is no reason to say please and thank you, because the respect it shows, is not deserved by white people. In some cases as I do not want to generalize , certain white people do still think , they are not only , the better of people of color , they are even better than certain white people , who does not belong in their class . This is a common phenomenon that can be seen in especially some wealthy people money, who think they are intellectually superior. The material benefits allows them to get away with this kind of behavior, especially in upmarket Shopping Centers and Restaurants. How that it may, whoever you are, whatever you are, everybody has one thing in common. We are all human, and should display respect that all humans deserve.

The words please and thank you, is not only a show of respect and good manners, it is also an equalizer between human beings. The age old saying is paramount in this regard. Treat other people the way you like to be treated. Not only will you do the right thing, but the self-worth you pass on to the other person will stand you in good stead. People of equal standing has a lot more synergy than people who are looking up and down to other people.

However, it is still shocking to see how certain people, especially in the shopping and restaurant business are treated, it is if certain customers and clients belief they have the right to “bully” and disrespect shopping assistants and waiters. To them I just want to say, shame on you, there is nothing wrong with earning and honest salary. Yes, sometimes the shoe is on the other foot , however just try to put yourself in that persons shoes , literally , as that person are standing for the whole of his shift . Part of the problem is also how parents allow their children to converse with domestic workers, it is sometimes shocking to see children treat these people like their personal slaves. That is the start of a belief of being superior that should be rooted out. Children especially should be taught that any person older than them deserve the respect, they give to their own parents. The office or work environment comes with its own set of expectations, luckily there is normally a code of conduct, but I promise you, you will have a much better working relationship with seniors and juniors, if you use the words please and thank you regularly.

I hear it regularly that respect should be earned, not given because of a certain age or standing. There is truth in this saying however only if you have extended your hand of good manners and it is then rebuffed, and then still, you have to think, what is the problem, because good manners still has the ability to change another person actions. I do understand that certain people, just do not have the will or inclination to treat other people properly. Unfortunately people like that see kindness as weakness, and is part of all the negativity around us.

Please and Thank you, so small yet so important, try it if you have not tried it previously, I promise you will be surprised by the way you are treated ……………………………………….



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