This week –end I was privileged enough to attend the rugby International between South Africa and France at Loftus Versveld, Pretoria. U would like to share 3 things in short with everyone.

The power of sport is absolutely amazing , the comradery of fans supporting the local team was absolutely fantastic , it was not a full stadium by far , but the for 30 000 people that did attend , it was a very special day to remember . For the first time in a long time, I felt as patriotic as can be. The Zulu warrior setting down the challenge was mind chilling, and so was the singing of the anthem. Even more amazing was the see of green and gold around the field. It must be one of the scariest places in the world for any visiting team. It is significant that the majority of the fans coming to the field was extremely apprehensionsive, our team has not been playing great rugby for a while, but the crowd was still there to support, and let’s face it, there was nothing like a good win, to make the cold night feel as one of the best nights of the year.

Sometimes I wish the politicians will leave the presidential box, and come and sit with the fans in the cheap seats. Racism is still with us, everybody knows it. But racism is all over the world unfortunately. What this country has been able to do since 1994 is mind boggling, it has only been 23 years, and one of the outstanding things, was the make- up of the crowd, yes the majority was still white. It is natural seeing that the majority of rugby players in Gauteng is white, and rugby has been a majority white sport for a long time. However there were thousands of people of color enjoying supporting their countrymen. Back slapping , high fives , hugs and even a few kisses (some had more to drink than others) was all over the place, there was no whites or people of color , there were only Springbok supporters , who was just as happy when Oupa Mahoje made another great tackle , or Elton Jantjies kicked another penalty , or the try from Ross Cronje. It was absolutely fantastic to see, and to be part of that crowd, and to walk out of the stadium with massive smiles. We have been doing so well, from both sides(People of colour and white people), it is pity, there is so few people to say, yes we are changing yes, and we are becoming South Africans, all of us!

With all smiles , the next morning , you open Facebook , just to see absolute idiots , saying that the Knysna and Port Elizabeth brush fires is good because the majority of the properties belong to white people . The other one comes from a Christian nut, that blames the fires onto the homosexual couples who were married in pink in Knysna last year, and this is Gods punishment. The best one for me was the person who said “Siener van Rensburg” predicted the fire. I just had to think, shame, shame on you. Rather applaud the fire fighters(from all races) who thought so hard against the fires , for people, they do not know and will probably never know, or the goodwill of people opening their homes , sharing their groceries , making pots of soup! They are the important people in this country, not the individual arseholes who want to hurt with Facebook or Twitter. To them and the politicians I want to give the following warning. Beware, you are seeing our kindness as weakness, you do so on your own peril!

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