My heart is bleeding this morning! We know we have probably the most corrupt government in the World , however the fact so easily forgotten , is the blood on their hands , please look at the following statistics, it was compiled by 1 attempt on Google that took me 3 minutes, this is just for June 2017 so far. It is by no means all the statistics :

• 3 June 2017 -Blackburn-Taxi Crash-14 People Injured
• 10 June 2017-Cato Ridge-Taxi Crash-13 People Injured
• 11 June 2017- Lebowakgomo, Limpopo- Taxi Crash-8 People died
• 12 June 2017- Port Shepstone –Taxi Crash-10 People injured-3 Children
• 13 June 2017-Benoni-Taxi Crash-12 Children Injured

Of the top of my head, I cannot forget the death of 20 children in Bronkhorstspruit on the 21st of April 2017 and the death of 12 people in Wolmaransstad on the 8th of April 2017.

Yes, I know the carnage on our roads are mainly because of the so called Taxi’s on our roads, people, especially people of color have no other option but to use these deathtraps. We do not have a public transport system that works. Government do go to all the funerals , and the words of condolence and sympathy is thrown around , but it means absolutely nothing. In any democracy where this amount of people have been killed and injured, the minister of Transport would have resigned in shame.

But why is the government not doing anything? Well we know the new buzzword is White Monopolistic Capital, I wonder how they are involved in here, seeing that they are responsible for everything bad in this country!

Let me tell you about Minibus-TAXI Monopolistic Transport. This is properly the strongest, wealthiest organization in South Africa. They are so strong that Government piss in their pants, whenever they say anything. A few years ago , government promised , they are going to get rid of these taxis, and replace them , with proper mid-size busses , what happened , it was a huge failure .This organization is so strong that about 2 weeks ago , the whole of Durban was in chaos , because Taxi’s , had a blockage on roads , because the supplier of the Quantum , had the cheek , of putting the price of their product up. They are organized in so called associations, that each control certain routes. They even do their own policing on their routes and on their taxi’s. These vehicles are sign written all over, they are there to send messages. The message being, if you want to transport people on a certain route, you have to pay your dues, if not, you die! I am not exaggerating, what you think the shootings at the Taxi ranks are about .They are about routes, and of course the most important demon MONEY!

Lots of money, because taxis are not cheap! There is no schemes like tickets for a week or a month like busses and trains. They work with CASH. Wonderful untaxable cash. There is no book keeping system, the drivers of the taxis are in very few cases the owner of these taxis, mostly they are the employees. They are tasked to hand over a certain amount of money to the owner of the taxi every day. What they make over this amount, goes to them. I am not for one moment looking for excuses for the taxi drivers that drive like maniacs but this is one of the reasons. Whenever the taxi driver gets fines for a vehicle or traffic regulation, it just means one thing, he has to work harder to pay it, or get a new address where the summons will not find him. Whenever the taxi industry goes out on strike, the majority of the country comes to a screeching stop! There is no alternative in place, if a bus or train is used during a strike, the passengers will be assaulted and the bus will be burned! Easy, problem sorted.

It is clear that government has no political will, to come up with solutions to this very important problem. Or is this just another industry infested by corrupt politicians and corrupt government officials and employees.

I will go so far, saying more people are injured and dies thanks to Minibus-TAXI Monopolistic Transport, than anything else in this country. Our country has a lot of problems, it seems the lives of hard working men, woman and children, is not one of them! It is a pity that government seems to belief they have an abundance in the resource of human lives in this country!

Shame, shame, shame on you ……………………………………………………

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