Is it not funny, how we think about ourselves. We live in a modern, humane society where we are so cultured and politically fair, we do not belief in the death sentence. We life in the technological age where there is no boundaries. Where foul language and god forbid violence are frowned upon. But like anything to do with humans, nobody can “bull shit” ourselves more than we can.

Exactly like in the old days, the people need sport to keep them occupied. We therefore do games. There is small changes in the rules of some games. For instance theirs no more gladiators who fights wild animals in big stadiums (It is funny nowadays, the animals attacks us, especially in South Africa where overseas people think wild animals are nice to stroke, and they then get attacked and where elephants crush cars when we irritate them in their natural stadiums).No, no, no……………. we are cultured we play games.

Yes in front of bigger stadiums, able to seat 60 000 people and watch 15 men trying to play (kill) 15 other men in a game (lol) called rugby, a game with rules, played with a ball shaped like an egg. The great thing is, the stadium only really gets entertained when the rules are broken. Yes, while one man runs (or in some cases not do anything at all) with the ball, another player tries to stop him by amputating his head, with his arms, we are fair, no weapons are allowed. We take it personally if the umpire discipline our player, we can give at least 10 excuses why the incident happened, and why our player is not treated fairly. But this is not all , we go into formation , 8 men , and we try to then scrum 8 other men into the ground and then to run over them with our shoes that has metal spikes in them. But this game is not only for the strong, we like tall men to. We throw a ball into the air, and expect the tall timber to catch it, we then go into scrum mode again, trying to run over the other team again. It is only the blood and the fights between supporters that gets a bigger cheer than the score board at the end.

For those with simpler minds, there are simpler games, like football or soccer, nobody knows what the right name is. Apart from not using your hands (only legs, body and heads allowed), this sport is played with a round ball (you see simpler) .The goal of this game is to score a goal, you see, very simple. In this game nobody really gets hurt, but the fun part is, acting in such a manner, that you seem hurt. This has been a breeding ground for actors in movies, they start of as soccer players, but act so good they become stars in Hollywood. A big part of the game is the fights between fans, before the game, during the game and after the game. The stadiums are bigger, and this sport has the biggest amount of supporters in the world, again you see, simple minds………………………………………………………..

We still have wrestling, but not really like in the ancient times, the wrestlers nowadays are more entertainers, this sport in frequented by the people with no minds at all. The wrestlers before the time decides who will win, and what tricks they will do! My opinion is even dogs can do this sport as there is a lot of tricks to do, however some of these wrestlers are massively build with beautiful plastic muscles. This sport also falls into the field of comedy, because you do not know if you should laugh or cry!

We still have boxing, like in the ancient times, boxers nowadays are very rich and carries around bags with a million dollars in it .The reason is as follows, because he has been hit against the head so many times, the current boxing champion who has never lost, must now keep the bag with him, to remember that he is rich, otherwise he forgets. A while ago another boxer started to cry while fighting, some people said it was because of drugs and depression, I do not belief that. I think somebody hid his bag of money, and he thought he was poor, so he started crying! Boxing is still very popular however we know watch it from home, we call it “pay for view” , it is fantastic , you pay for the fight , you invite some mates , you drink a lot , and now, now …….two mates will start hitting each other , very entertaining, 2 fights , one ticket.

Our newest sport is brilliant , 2 men are thrown in a cage , they then try to kill each other , but we are not without rules , no head butting , grabbing by the balls or biting is allowed (we are civilized). However lots of blood, broken legs and arms, suffocating each other and hitting and kicking while your opponent is on his back on the floor is brilliant. Very entertaining this sport, we call it a mix art, because you can do anything .It is like a small Olympics with wrestling, boxing, judo and karate in one fight!

We also have motorsport, this is more complicated, very sharp people work on these motors or cars. The best of these sports is called Formula 1, it is not very exciting because everybody knows who will won, but lots of rich people and film stars, like it, so we like it too. Nascar is fantastic , it comes from the South of the USA ,a trained monkey can do this sport , because the drivers just race round a round circuit 500 times , so the racing is not much fun , the real fun is crashes, and there is a lot of them . Nothing stirs the blood as seeing pieces of race cars and drivers fly all over the place. That is the fun part.

So as you can see, we are very civilized people, none of this killing and maiming and stuff. We left the old days behind us. Well if you belief that, you probably still think fairies (no real fairies, not the man kind) do exist. Because at heart, we are all still BARBARIANS!


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