Life is so full of wonderful experiences, that does not cost one cent, I am so privileged to be living one of those exceptional experiences! My wonderful partner’s son and his wife became parents in September 2015. It was an extremely joyous occasion, to invite this young man into the world .Especially for his grandmother, my partner who was “Ouma” for the first time! However for me, it was a bit disappointing He was small, just lay there, sleeping most of the time. You must remember my youngest was then 18 years old, I already forgot how small and helpless they are. Of course I was happy ………………….but we could not even kick a ball or anything …………………………….

Unfortunately , they stay about 400 kilometers from us , and we do not see them a lot , he grows up in front of us , through the internet , it was only a few weeks ago that we saw him for the first time ,in his new human form . Walking ,smiling nearly a human ………………..we did spend some time together , and he did love his Oupa, but he was a bit sick , so he was not really in top form. This all changed this week-end!

I have always advocated, that one cannot love more than what one loves your children .It is so overwhelming that for the first time you really understand the words unconditional love. I still stay with this statement. But I fell in love with my grandchild on such a level this week-end , I became emotional just thinking about him this morning , and I already miss him so much …………………. It is a different love, one with so much less stress, expectations and duty. Your own kids , while loving them so much , they’re so much pressure on you , to bring them up well , create a world around them that they can become the best human being they can etc. .But having a grandson , none of these things are important to me, I must just be his mate, I enjoyed it so much I cannot tell you.

I am an avid collector, however when my grandson wanted to have a look at my model cars, I unlocked the doors and he had free rein, he took out everything, played with them, a couple fell on the floor, and particular Ford Mustang, I do not know how, was suddenly in 2 pieces, and do you know how I felt? I felt wonderful, for the first time I know now why I collected them……….for Barry to play with, and hopefully the other grandkids when they come. My youngest ,Erik , 20 years old now , just shook his head and said something like , “ If that was me , I would have been smashed”. I can honestly say, that boy could take anything in my house to play with, and it would not bother me one bit. Erik immediately gave Barry a nickname, his nickname is Baz, and he is, the most beautiful boy in the whole world! We may not be related by blood, but we are related by something just as strong we are related by un-conditional love .The best thing is the whole world is, he loves his “Oupa”.

We did so much , we sat outside , just me and him , we threw rocks in the fountain , also a former no-no he sat next to me , just to show me he can , we looked at the dogs and the birds , and I can honestly say , not for one second was I bored. This while there was sport on the TV. When we sat down for supper, he sat with us, with his own metal plate (blikbord), and it took me no time to teach him to bang it as much as he wants. His Dad , did not like it at all , but the rest of us enjoyed it , I properly said to Baz’s dad , about twenty times to leave Baz alone , this was my house and Baz can do whatever he likes. We were further entertained with Baz way of eating potato bake , so much , that his grandmother nearly fell of the chair so much she was laughing . The end of this particular session was when Baz tried to balance his plate on his chin like a seal, that was too much for his dad and the spoil sport stopped all the fun.

The next morning when I opened my eyes , their he was standing , looking at me with those beautiful eyes that was asking , what are we going to play now ? I grabbed him, and threw him on the bed next to me, and the fun started again. I always said one of my biggest blessings was being able to play golf with my son, but one that come close on par with this, was watching rugby in the bed with my grandson.

This week-end was such an education for me, not only is my grandson and I best of pals, but my way of thinking about his parents changed so much. I knew they would be good parents, but to be completely honest with you, I did not know, what exceptional parents they turned out to be. There is no better testimonial than this beautiful, happy, wonderful little boy they are busy creating, and the absolutely awesome job, they already did, and will do in future! Love without respect, is just a glass half full, I am so proud of Elaine and Ruan, I respect and love them more than I can say. The only question being, when is the next one coming……………………………………………………………………..?



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