Before we went to our seats in the stadium this week-end ( the week-end of the 10th) we decided to have something to eat and drink at a restaurant nearby. It was already packed when we got there, and we were lucky to be able to find a seat at a long table, where a couple were already sitting. We chatted to them, and it was not long before their friends joint us as well. The party just got better, and it was extremely enjoyable, so much so, that later on we were able to move up and give another 4 guys a seat to sit on.

It is strange where one gets little diamond ideas from , well the friend of the couple we were setting next to , Francois , shared a gem , I think needs sharing . So thank you Francois this one is from you! We were talking about anything on earth, just as people can talk (and drink) before a rugby test match. At one time I mentioned that children now a day do not have “garage parties” anymore. Francois picked up on this, and shared the following idea with me.

Francois has a 16 year old son, he told me when it is time for his son to have his “bachelor party”, and he is going to have a “Garage Party” for his son. I thought it was A great idea, because I always thought, it better to have a good party at home, than be inebriated in the streets from a venue or a club. No said Francois, the idea is the following: he will provide all the liquor and the food, and every other male mate, who comes to the party must bring him (the bachelor) a tool, a hammer, pliers, screwdrivers etc. Some mates can pool together and buy a drill etc. In other words a garage party, for a young man on his way forward into life, with proper tools.

I thought this idea to be absolutely brilliant, the drinking and the bachelor getting drunk will still be on the agenda, however when everybody wakes up the following morning the bachelor will have a garage full of tools, to start married live with. What a great idea!

So Francois my mate, if you ever read this, this was your idea, and I will always give you credit for it!



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