I have always said, I am rather an optimist, than a pessimist, however sometimes it is extremely difficult for an individual, especially a white middle-aged, middle class man, to stay positive in this country! This week has been challenging to say the least.

When I opened the news 24 website this morning, it was like the match that broke the camel’s back. There is now 1.5 million people more on government grants than, people who has a job. Government pays 17 Million grants, while there is 15.5 million people employed .From this 15.5 Million people only 6.6 Million people contribute via income tax to the state coffers. This is a disaster! In practice, the following is happening, government pay 17 million people grants, these grants are extremely important and is in most cases the only income these individuals and their families have. Unfortunately this is a practice that is unsustainable. The only way that things will get better is if there is a growth in employment. In other words we should have a strong, growing economy, not one that is in recession.

I am not going to go off on government now. We all know that they are a bunch of corrupt, thieving unscrupulous individuals, who only think about themselves. But it absolutely mystifying to think that in an election, this government starts with a 17 million vote start. You see the majority of these grants are paid to individuals who lives in rural areas .They do not have the communication systems we take for granted in more populated areas. The only news or info these people get is the government propaganda provided by the state sponsored broadcasting entities. They therefore will not bite the hand that feeds them and if you should think of asking questions, you will quickly be held to ransom regarding that grant that is the only source of income you receive.

You see to fix this problem, you will have to take very unpopular steps, and neither the government, nor any other political party, will be willing to take these steps, and I am including the DA in this. It is a lot easier to point the finger to white people and make them the scapegoats of this disaster .I know a lot of people of color , that are just as “gatvol” as we , through hard work they have dragged themselves out of the mud of an oppressive political system ,to build a life for them and their children. We all are part of the 6.6 million people who are the contributor’s trough income tax. In another article I read, that if you take it that 20% of the money paid by these 6.6 million people goes for services, like SAPS, Education, Health etc. however bad they are, the other 80% is punitive. In layman terms, whatever the color of your skin is, if you work hard and make a lawful honest living for you and your family, you will be fined that 80%, because you are successful! That is the truth!

A lot of people of color already see through this rhetoric, they understand that if people are not empowered by education, training and employment. The problem will stay the same. The more government grants increase, the more the problem (money), will be taken from hard-working men and woman whose only crime is that they are successful. There is not something like White Monopolistic Capital. The more money you have the more you should pay, that is the law! It does not make provisions for the color of any body’s skin. We should stop with our nonsense , all of us, whatever our creed ,color , sex ,sexual preference or religion is and say , “ Stop , we had enough of your lying , cheating and stealing , enough is enough”


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