Sometimes I wonder, if I am the only person looking at this world and thinking, what the hell is going on here. Our priorities are so screwed up, every article on News 24 and all the other news agencies are only about, corruption, who is going to be fired, what court cases are coming up, and what is the latest Donald Trump twitter. Have we lost so much of our humanity, that we do not think or feel, for more than 5 million people in this country going to bed hungry and cold. Should that not be front page news, should that not be our main priorities.

Is that not more important than all this other nonsense that we are bombarded with every day of our lives. Is it not more important for human beings to help each other, is it not more important for human beings to look out for one another.

I am so “gatvol” with white people I want to throw up, I am generalizing, because the majority is like this. They will only help other people if those people are white, if I heard this once, I have heard it a thousand times. They have a list of excuses why they do not give to black people and black children, here is the most common reasons:
• They get government grants
• The government steal and is corrupt ,it is their job
• The government must give to them
• What you give to them , they will sell and buy glue
• What you give to them , they will sell and by alcohol
• Why do they have so many children?
• Why do they give their children to their grandparents to bring up?
• Etc.etc.etc


Let me tell you white people , your memories are short , it was only 3 generations ago that the majority of you were part of the “ poor Afrikaner problem” , or did you forget the huge poverty and depression after the Boer war . It was a political system called “Apartheid” that helped normal white people, English and Afrikaans out of the gutters. We stepped on and dehumanized human beings that we could get ahead. The people whose excuse it is that you never voted for apartheid or for this political system, wake up and smell the roses. Your parents and grandparents benefited , and this is why you can study , not work holidays , play games and have a carefree live , while trying to abscond yourself , that you did not create this mess.

While I am on a roll let me continue , you want to send messages on Facebook and other social media platforms , praising God , encouraging people to pray for people who are sick and have cancer etc. Why do you never ask people to pray for the poor, hungry and cold? Or do you only pray for white people? Yes, there are white people who are poor, hungry and cold. But they are the minority by far it is black people. Millions of them. So you the churches, keep on keeping yourself busy with nonsense like homosexuality and the other things that keep churches so busy. Does your God not say, sell all your things and follow me, does he not say, look at the little birds and how he feeds them, how much more will he feed a human. You do not follow your own Bible .No, it is more important to make sure, that peopled know we are religious, and that we are Gods children. Well here is a news flash, you are going to be in for such a huge surprise! Part of being religious, is giving to those less fortunate than you. Think about it. Then you still have the audacity, to ask me why I am not religious!

The upper and middle class people of color , has also forgotten where they come from , their excuse is more to the point in that they ask , if I can pick myself up why can other people not do it as well. They quickly forget that all humans have not being created equal.

To those who wants to take me task, just make sure you do not live in glass houses. If not I will take my punishment!

The bottom line is there are so much need, and so little people who wants to help. Humanity will not survive, if we do not become humans again……………………………………………………..

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