I am not an angel, far from it! I think God made me fat because he knows , how much I like clothes , and this far from being my only vice . I am properly the least wealthy bloke in the world that can say that there is very few things better than a “Romeo and Juliet, Churchill “cigar and a Lagavulin single malt in your hand.

The older one gets, the more introspection you do , you start to understand that you’re so called needs is so trivial and pathetic compared to the basic needs of millions of people in the world around us . Christians like to say that you should live life in such a manner, that in the event you die you go straight to heaven, I think that is brilliant!Not that I adhere or belief in it . I still have respect for people who endeavor to life their life in such away.

I really do belief that life is there to be lived. Life is such a priceless commodity! It should be explored and enjoyed to the fullest. That does not mean having a “laze’s faire “attitude to life. My mate Gavin Kirk always says, “Work hard, play even harder, but if you do not work, do not play at all “. That has been very good advice, which I still belief in today.

The question, and this I am asking myself as well, is do we really need all the stuff, that we surround ourselves with. Do we need the size house we have or the neighborhood we live in, or the car we drive or the quality of furniture in our houses. Do we need all the electronics, and the amount of them? Look around you, do we need all the clothes and shoes we have, and all the other “nick naks” standing around. Will our lives really be so much different, if we have less materialistic goods in and around us? I do not think so, the point is you can only wear 1 pair of shoes, trousers and a shirt at a time. Why are we then living with all this excessiveness around us that we do not really need, or have time to enjoy? Do we surround ourselves with all this-worldly goods because we are scared!

Because, in my opinion life is not surrounding yourself with worldly goods, of course you need the basics. But life is about interacting with people, laughing, talking and crying with each other .Telling stories and having great experiences. Travelling the world, not 5 star, but in an attempt to meet new people and cultures. Most of my most loved experiences , I’ve had in shorts and a t-shirt , I am battling to remember a great experience in a Tuxedo , and yes, I have one , why I do not know? Is some cash in the pocket, not a lot more important than a palace with paintings and sculptures? I do not know, but what I do know, is that you are the only person in the world that can make changes in your life, to have a better life.
I truly do belief, that if we have less, we will have more to give, and will have more to enjoy life with, this is something I really need to think about a lot more. You see what I belief in and what I do is sometimes 2 worlds apart , I love giving , but I still love to endowed myself with too much !

I think it is time to start life the way I talk, because I am the only architect of my life!


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