If the following was not ironic, it would have been funny, now it is moronic:

We do not have the death penalty
However with abortion we kill babies, and murderers goes to jail

We transplanted the first human heart, and created the all over body x-ray machine
However we have one of the biggest death rate of babies younger than 3 months

We have draconian smoking laws
However we allow unworthy taxis on the road that kills hundreds of people

We were a net exporter of food
However 21% of people go to bed hungry

We made primary education free
However the kids of government employees send their children to private schools

We have over the top HR legislation
However we have 29%  un-employment

We have a majority of white people playing and supporting rugby and cricket
However we have affirmative action rules in both sports

We have people from South Africa making major contributions across the world
However some are not allowed to do the same in South Africa because they are white

We have a huge number of economic active people emigrate all over the world
However we opened our borders for refugees and criminals from all over Africa

We have free medical care and hospitalization in government hospitals
However there are no medicine or enough doctors

We imported doctors from Cuba
However they could not speak English or any other language than Spanish

We send students to Cuba to be trained as doctors
However they were send back because they striked about the food

Our President have more than 700 criminal cases against him
However our government will not allow prosecution

We have some of the highest number of Aids effected people in the world
Our president belief showering after sex will stop infection

We have some of the cleverest people in the world
However our President battles with his numbers

……….and so one can go on and on, page by page, what a shame…………………………………………………………..


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