You do not need more evidence than the feedback surrounding the ANC Policy Conference and the proposed Taxi strikes on the 12 and 15 of July, to see that we are probably having the biggest crisis in the history of South Africa since 1994.
Let me start with the Taxi strike, after the lessons learned after the previous strike some week ago, it is clear these actions are no more than internal terrorism. The amount of production , production hours in short money that will be lost by the common man in the street and the economy will be in the billions of rends .Let me belief this is nothing more than internal terrorism .The question now is the following , we know there is a treat ,we know when the treat will be . This should be enough information for Security Services to ultimately plan a course of action, to make sure that, this strike will not lead to chaos as the previous strike. In most other countries in the civilized world, nobody will be allowed to get away with this kind of chaos. To make it even worse, we have the tools and infra structure to plan a proper response. Our Defense force has serviceable earth moving equipment to keep roads open. Our police forces have the manpower to arrest the culprits. The problem is the following, the current government has no political will, to take action against criminal action. Anybody has the right to stay away, strike and protest, but it should be in such away, that it does not cause chaos for the rest of the population. A few weeks ago I asked an SAPS Colonel, to explain the SAPS Protocol in situations as what happened in the previous strike. He said it is the SAPS duty to act against any criminal act, however the SAPS is not allowed to escalate any situation. That will surely happen if the SAPS and Security Services start to arrest taxi drivers and bulldozed their vehicles of the road. So in practice the SAPS and Security Services will do nothing. Do not be angry at them, they are still in shock after Marikina.

Hold the Government, the ruling party and their inability to make important decision, responsible. Saying that, is must be difficult of your main goal is stealing, corruption and self-enrichment.

As the main political commentators suggested, the ANC Policy Conference was nothing more than a jockeying for position for the electoral conference in December. This was made worse with documents written in such away, to flabbergast the normal branch member that he or she will not think about the huge challenges facing our country today. It is clear that the cracks in the ANC between the Zuma faction (Kwa Zulu Natal, North West etc.) and the Ramaphosa supporters are huge. I cannot help but feels sorry for Ramaphosa .The bottom line is , Ramaphosa cannot win the election without the ANC He is therefore forced to look for supporters , on the moderate side of the ANC spectrum , this while the ZUMA faction had years in power to position his supporters (His ex-wife’s supporters ,everyone knows Zuma will still govern via proxy). These supporters and their followers knows, that if they lose this battle they will be in serious strife. They will then have to explain, the corruption and state capture under Zuma. This may lead to the taps of cash to be closed, while the doors of the jails will be a real possibility. This to them is therefore a fight of life and death. It can be clearly seen in the issues under discussion like white monopolistic capital and the land issue. It is important for them to take the fight back to apartheid as they have not been able to better the lives of ordinary citizens under their corrupt government.

To me it is such a pity , as I really do belief that a man like Ramaphosa , could have led the country into a new era of nation building , a strong economy and the regain of respect all over the world . At this stage, I just do not belief he has the support, of enough clear thinking ANC members.


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