The following comes from the “The Times live” on the 7th of July 2017
“Malema, who was accompanied by EFF deputy president Floyd Shivambu, told the delegates that white South Africans were economically superior to black South Africans, something they had achieved through apartheid, colonialism and illegal means”
He further stated
“You will lose everything.”
Yes, Malelma is right, apartheid and certain factors in colonialism did give white people an unfair advantage, however the “illegal means”, is slanderous and grossly incorrect.
My late grandfather was a very smart man, he said, “Small things amuse small minds”. The person who spoke above mentioned words, is in this category. I can now start writing facts, something Malema do not know a lot about, regarding his criminal cases, his tender activities etc. But I will not, you see Julius, you are a little bug, and little bugs should not get mentioned. This newest modern trend to invite you to speak at major events, was a great opportunity to show that you have the bottle, to be somebody, but you are not!
Me , and my fellow white South Africans , do not like to be threatened , it is not the first time , in the early 1900’s we were attacked by an Empire , and we survived , now why would I be scared of a “piss willy” political party like yours . It would certainly not be the last time we are threatened. Just get the following sorted in your mind, I am not a European, not an American and I will not go to Australia. I am a White Afrikaans African, I have the same birthright than any other South African, and I can promise you I have done more for my fellow Africans, and will keep on doing so, than you will ever do.
So here is a suggestion from me, not a threat, because civilized people do not threaten.

“You are taking white South Africans kindness, and see it as weakness, you do that at your own peril”


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