If South Africa have not been scary enough, it is becoming scarier by the minute. The last week or so rumblings of an extremely aggressive nature, is doing the rounds. If it is not the EFF ,telling white people we are visitors, and we will lose everything in South Africa , it is the BLF , who is threatening with all out violence against anything pale of colour, including all colours of journalist .The absent political will of the ANC and by that token the Government , to tackle hate speech and treats , including the increase in crime , is further fuel on the fire . This is causing a response with groups forming, like the “Boerevolk” and the newest one the “Boere Legioen”.

Although last-named organizations are nothing more than a Facebook title, with very little following, it is important to note the reasons for starting such rumors. My thinking is that a feeling of total helplessness and fear is at the bottom of thinking by white South Africans. White South Africans per say were willing to expect change and democracy. This fact can easily be established by the results of the referendum in 1992. It is further supported by the laughable numbers that joint aggressive organizations like the AWB. However more and more normal white South Africans, feel unpatriotic and scared in the new South Africa.

The inability of the normal white South African to find a political home, is part and parcel of the problem. Although the majority of these people vote for the Democratic Alliance, they do not feel at home, it is not helping that the party is currently managed by former white liberals and people of colour who do not see eye to eye with the ANC, and the other political groupings. They still support affirmative action , and the demonizing of the white man , the case and point being the Helen Zille saga. The only other party worth mentioning is the Freedom Front (Plus). I belief that white South Africans are a lot more broad minded , than supporting an only white party , and seeing them as a home. It further does not help that it is runned by the Mulder Academics, whose late older brother, was properly one of the most corrupt political figures in the former white only government. People like me, is so disappointed in Afriforum and Solidarity, for not stepping up to the next level of forming something much bigger than themselves. The safety and guarantee of a membership organization was a lot more economic important to them than the responsibility towards a people.

White South Africans by far are supporters of democracy. But with democracy comes the safe keeping of minorities and the guarantee of their rights. This fact of marginalizing and demonizing of white South Africans, is the foundation of helplessness and fear. Belief me, any people of similar background and culture can only be pushed that far, until they feel they have no other choice but to fight for their own existence. There is so many examples , after the first World War , Germany was punished so severely , it became the breeding ground of the Nazis. Similar stories are applicable of the Basques in Spain. If you keep on telling people, they are not worth anything, and they do not belong, you are creating a monster of your own doing. Case and point the organizations that is forming.

However the political parties, that runs with the baton of white demonization is not the only ones to blame. The inability of all reasonable , clear thinking South Africans to start a Political party for all its people guaranteeing the rights of all minorities , are the major reason , we are moving backwards . South Africa is so close to implosion. My hope is that someone or something will come along to save us from ourselves.

That dream is quickly fading.

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