The following viewpoint totally disregards politics and crime. Please bear with me, I get so “gatvol” with it, allow me sometime to just forget about it.

I belief the key to be happy in South Africa, is the ability to be African. This sounds very confusing at first however the more I think about it, the more me belief in it. I you need and want European first world amenities around you , then it is right to make Australia, New Zealand and/or any other first world countries your home. I will never begrudge you, for your choice. However do allow me, to love my country and my continent.

To be able to say that, you have to belief that you belong here. I do. My family has lived in South-Africa for the past 350 years .We are part and parcel of the fabric of this continent. Yes, we were immigrants, like the majority of the populations of the countries in the western world. The difference is, that we did not immigrate to find a country with opportunity and safety, we immigrated to a wild frontier, with no safety and guarantees expect the promise of freedom .My language “Afrikaans” was born and created here, my grandparents and their parents are buried here. We have fought wars against Imperialists, to safeguard our country. My female and child ancestors was put in concentration camps and 27000 of them died , my male ancestors was either killed or banished to places like Bermuda and Sri Lanka.We build an infra structure in a country , still the best in Africa.

Yes, some of my ancestors was part in political decisions that impacted the rest of the mostly people of colour. Decisions that de-humanized, hurt and destroyed them. However this is not foreign to Africa, with indigenous wars in Rwanda, The Congo, and Uganda, Nigeria and Somalia and various other African wars in Africa. That does not mean, that every one of its people do not still regard themselves as citizens and part of their countries. To the victor comes the spoils.

However what is very true, is that some white South Africans (Especially English speaking), belief that their way of life, especially the materialistic elite way of life, is under treat. It is, and it should be. If you want to be African, you have to fight and safeguard certain principles. Education and poverty being the biggest. If white South Africans have to wear the burden of affirmative action , and high taxes , and that means that it will create an educate a poverty free society , I am all for it . We have survived 350 years in Africa, we will keep on surviving, and it is just another challenge!

I started off by saying, I am disregarding politics in this opinion piece. However is it not amazing that the biggest treat in South Africa currently is Politics and Politicians .With rhetoric bordering on lies and half-truths being the weapons of power and prestige!

As I have said previously. I belief in South Africa and its people, whatever colour, creed, tribe or faith, in the end we are all humans, and children of Mother Africa!


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