The world as such, is in a very strange place currently. With a clown in the White House , a dictator in Russia , various Omni gods trough out Africa especially, South Africa and in South America , Europe totally losing it nationalities and the Uk being better known as Londonistan . It is clear that the world is infested with politicians, while there is a huge shortage of real leaders!

Politicians love to call themselves the leaders of the people, however nothing can be further away from the truth. Real leaders attract people with their personality, honesty and rigid manners and morals that shines like a brilliant light. They do not need recognition or power, that part of the package is attributed to them without them even trying. Money to them is a commodity to spend wisely towards the needs of the people  These leaders also do not need to be told of their standing or their statue in society. It comes naturally to them, because they see themselves as a servant to their people. These leaders are people like George Washington, Nelson Mandela, Gandhi, Genl. Jan Smuts and Winston Churchill. None of the named was without fault, however none of them was scared of real greatness not coupled to material wealth.

It is time we call politicians what they are. They are the filth at the bottom of the barrel. They are the opportunist that could play the political game the best, in political parties, with ideologies that suits them. They are not very good in the professions they choose, case an point Mr. FW de Klerk who was a mediocre attorney from Vanderbijlpark, before joining the ranks of the National Party. I do not have to tell you that the schooling of our current President, borders on the ridiculous. All of them have a huge appetite for power and money to enrich themselves, but will easily change ideologies and viewpoint when it serves them at an opportune time. They are not leaders, they do not see themselves as servants of the people. The see themselves as Gods that is there to manage the populations while having the right to enrich themselves. They decide what’s best for the people, they are not there to serve, protect and enrich the lives of common men and woman. They are there to serve themselves and the cadres around them who keep them in power.

I do not have the answers for the future, but neither does the current crop of politicians in South Africa and around the world. It seems the young bright people rather choose to become entrepreneurs and follow the path of greatness being achieved by monetary targets. It is a shame, because public service is more important in the world today, than ever before. I really do wish for leaders with convictions far greater than themselves that can lead not only South Africa but the world, being in the service of the normal man in the street.

It may be far fetched, but so was the union of George Washington, the freedom of Nelson Mandela, the peace of Gandhi, the United Nations of Smuts and the victory of Churchill against fascism.


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