The world is one upside down place at this moment in my opinion. I have always been an avid news reader, and prided myself on my knowledge of the current world. However on a daily basis I am finding myself to be exceedingly depressed after reading the ongoing chaos in the world.

It is a well-known fact that I am not religious, however nowadays I find myself wishing that I was religious. At least then, there will be a way out and something to look forward to. It is exceedingly difficult to stay positive in South Africa at this moment in time. Politicians are stealing millions of rands on a daily basis, without any form of prosecution and culpability. As soon as an individual speaks out he is branded as racist and an agent of white economic whatever. It makes me wonder what happened to this country when we give diplomatic immunity to a president’s wife after she assaulted a person of color in our country.

The world per say is not much better, every second week there is terrorist incidents in Europe. Thousands of people drown on a daily basis in the Mediterranean Sea on a daily basis trying to flee from war and famine. North Korea is threatening the rest of the world with a nuclear holocaust while the Unites states have never been so divided, since their civil war. There is terrorist cells in Australia and floods and earthquakes in New Zealand.

It seems the whole world is in a quest to destroy itself.

I am a simple man , most of the time I am exceedingly optimistic , but nowadays , more and more I find myself to have a bit of a “laager” mentality. To you who do not know a “laager” is , here is some facts, A ”laager” was set up by forming a circle with ox wagon , below the wheels of the ox wagons , it was stuff full of thorn shrub. The “laager” was seen as a save space if you were inside, to fight off any enemies on the outside of the “laager”. The “laager” mentality comes in when you stop being part of the outside world, when you become impervious of the happenings of the outside world. You see yourself and those who choose to do the same as you, as untouchable by the filthy world outside your “laager”. Your “laager” or as how we call it our houses, becomes our places of safety, where we become hermits in a world surrounded by walls gates, burglarproofs and security gates. We hardly know our neighbors, and we are scared to go out. Not only scared to go out, we cannot go out because we cannot afford to go out. Our hand to mouth existence, totally encompass a world that does not make sends anymore.

I am really jealous of religious people. They are willing to take the pain now, to later have a life in paradise. My paradise, the belief in oneself and humanity, has shown itself to be selfish and bankrupt.

What now? Become religious? That I have to lie to myself . I do not know, what I do know is we are destroying ourselves………………….


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