Is it not amazing, that although the world wants to tell us that you need money, status and fame to make your mark, it is still the small things that counts?

Some years ago my spouse and I, stopped at a new coffee shop .The young owner came to introduce himself. He was built like a little Apollo ,and made such an impression on us, we still go to Klasie’s particular shop, years later. Sometimes we will drive many a kilometer out of our way, to go to the Royal Coffee Shop in Stone ridge, Greenstone. Although we only visit and average of twice a month, we feel like family when visiting the Royal.

But we are not the only people that feels like this , about every visit we meet other regulars , all of us enjoys going there , because Klaas is there , yes, the coffee is good , the food is excellent , but the patrons and the owner is great! We will ask about each other’s families, other patrons we have met there, and of course how Klaas is beautiful wife and gorgeous 8 month daughter is doing. Photos will be shared, stories will be told and of course advice will be given. The Royal Coffee shop has become, a pinnacle in a lot of people lives .The only reason for it, the owner! He does not only sell coffee etc. he shares himself.

This young man, is not only a great business success, he is an example of hard work, passion and above all, how a proper human being treat other people. So next time you need some sustenance , go to the Royal Coffee Shop across from the Spar at Stoneridge Mall, Greenstone , ask for Klasie , ask him what he suggest you drink , and told him Hein send you! You will not be sorry!


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