Yesterday’s incident on London road between the so-called Porsche driver and the elderly man driving a Range Rover is my bone of contention today. The merits of the incident, and the subsequent action of participants, was disappointing to say the least, but not in my realm of commentary.

It is amazing how yesterday’s blog finds relevant in the actions as mentioned. What I do want to give my 5 cents worth, is the state of the psyche of the population in South Africa and the majority of comments on Facebook regarding the incident.

The psyche of the population of South Africa is currently a powder keg that is waiting to explode. The absolute frustration and irritation of the majority of the population, to have a better way of life is being excasibated by corrupt politicians who redirect the pressure onto “Apartheid” and white people. It is only a matter of time before this fallacy is seen for what it is , however in the meantime , the opportunity of nation building and the idea of working for the common good, is going out of the window. The minorities in the population is frustrated and irritated by being the scape goats of the government, while corruption is at an all-time high. This flood of cash ,going into the hands of government cadres and corrupt officials , have to be replenished by money from the South African population , gathered trough tax. Unfortunately the majority of tax is paid by the minority. The same minority who is told they stole the country, are only guests here, and if they do not like it, to take their stuff and go!

I can continue into infinity, proving both above mentioned notions and thousands more. However the point is, there is an unnatural amount of anger in our population today! This anger will not be addressed by the relevant parties, it is to their advantage. What else to do then? I really do belief, if we do not change as a people, the alternative is too scary to think about.

If you read my blog a couple of times , you will know that I advocate tolerance , conversation, argument and above all love as the only answers to learn to live in a civilized society! Part of this process as I advocated yesterday was getting rid of the baggage (hate)! I want to challenge you as the reader to seriously think about, acting and living in such a manner, that the temperature of anger in our societies cools down.

A great starting point will be to get rid of your baggage!

The comments made on Facebook, regarding top mentioned incident, was shocking the least. Comments was made from the genitalia size of the Porsche driver to serious threats of physical assault (still a criminal offence in statutory law). My personal opinion is, that if you write comments like that on a Facebook article, you actions are of the same nature as mentioned in the top incident!

My Mother taught me, if you cannot same something good about somebody, rather not say anything at all. Do we really think leaving dirty messages, threats etc. is proper behavior? Or is it the anonymity of Facebook that “inspire” us to behave in such a shameful way? Or is it this boiling anger in us, getting an opportunity to release?
Let the baggage go!

Well take the following from me: Baggage=Hate=Anger Road rage is the mother of baggage!

Let the baggage go ,so what if the person showed you a middle finger, so what if the taxi drove right in front of you , so what if there is a bumper bashing. Are you really so important that nobody can drive in front of you, or pass you on the left side of the road nearly bumping you. Leave it, get home safely to your loved ones and your family. Or are you in such a bad mood at home, when you are supposed to be relaxed.

Leave the baggage in the boot, where it belongs.



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