Barry and me

I was such a useless father, when I was a young man. How great is it, to be a proper grandfather. This week-end was the birthday of my oldest son Ruan, and his son Barry. Purely by accident they share the same birthday. It was one of the greatest week- ends in a long time.

To be quite honest, I think you get 3 kinds of grandfathers, the ones that are not involved, the ones that are involved but see themselves as part of the parents, and then my kind. I tried to have as much fun with my grandson as humanely possible, I spoil him rotten and then give him to his parents to raise!

I’ve always said, that no human being knows what love is, until he holds his own children. That may be true , however to hold your grandchild , blood or not , I have found to be one of the most exhilarating moments of my life .This only grows the older they get , and it is fantastic when they start communicating and having fun with you. Barry was 2 on Sunday, and of course I belief he is on his way to be the cleverest, most sporting, handsome young man in the world. (Other grandparent properly also belief this, but they have not seen Barry lol).

He is absolutely amazing , we played miniature cars, we played on the trampoline , we played with the ball , we played with all his new toys , we help to bake the cupcakes for school ( we cleaned the bowls) and so much more ! It was fantastic, feeling that little hand round my finger, pulling me to the next activity!

As the majority of you will know, I am not the most streamlined, I would call my shape more round than square. It took a huge effort to get out of bed on Monday, and I still want to inquire from my nearly doctor daughter, about a couple of muscles, I did not know, I have. But it was worth every painful jolt I experience now.

I also learned another live lesson, great grandchildren are not born they are made. Ruan and Elaine has done the most amazing job with this little boy. The teacher in Elaine has made him so sharp, he gobbles up the educational toys for far older children and according to me, is nearly ready to go to university. Ruan is a 100% hands one improvement on me, and helps with everything, it was so special to see the bond between him and Barry, when he bathed Barry! They have made my little grandson a happy, confident and talented 2 year old boy.

As I told you, the greatest 2 year old in the world!

I love you my boy!



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