I do not know if I should “moer“ somebody or cry my eyes out? How many more farmers must die on our farms? When is enough, enough? When will all of us get our priorities straight, stop arguing about the Spur and Jacaranda, and start thinking about the number of people that have died over the last 20 years on our farms and on out roads?

This is not about race (people of colour have also died on the farms), this is not about politics, this is not about religion; this is about entitlement. This is about people who decide to take without asking, people who will kill without thinking, and people who do not care. People who have no humanity in them, people who live with a now ideology, no dreams and no feelings.

I do not know who to be angry at, the government? They are a democratically chosen government, end of the story! They do not care! Believe it if you want to or not, they will still be in government after 2020 – that is democracy! I know Afriforum has fought hard and is still fighting hard. But what about the rest of us? We have so much to say, but we do so little – as long as it does not happen to our parents, friends or acquaintances on the farms.

We will probably get a million people together in the middle of nowhere and pray! That we can do as has been proven, but let me tell you something, God only helps those who help themselves. At Bloedrivier, we prayed and then fought, in the second boer war we prayed and we fought! During the bush war we prayed and fought and I am sure “UMKONTO WE SIZWE” also prayed before doing their fighting. The bottom line is, action is needed, and praying is only an auxiliary part of that action.

From 1945 to 1994, for 5 decades, the white population in this country was ruled by fear of the Communist threat, preached to in Christian churches and told by their government that “apartheid” was the way to go. Today most of us know we were lied to; we were fed propaganda by a bull shitting machine called the National Party and the Broederbond. We are ashamed of the political thinking of our grandparents, parents and ourselves, and yes, it did leave deep scars of racism. It will take a lot longer than 23 years to get rid of it. Unfortunately, as has been proven in the USA, some people will stay racist forever. But is it really as important as we make it out to be? Yes, it is important, it must be punished both ways, however is that as important as human lives? No, it is not…………………………….

The endemic death of the farmers on our farms, the daily killing of passengers in un- road worthy minibus taxis by unlicensed murderous drivers, the house robberies with huge amounts of violence, the killing of drivers in hijacked vehicles; these are important subjects, these are problems evolving in the social fabric of all of us, whatever your creed, culture, race or religion is.

Who do we not hear enough about wonderful projects of charity, nation building and friendship across the so called racial divide. Let me tell you there are thousands of them – from some that try to better themselves, to those who try to help others, to those who help animals, to drivers of colour who stop on busy highways to help a white woman change a wheel. I can write a book about the love between humans that crosses the racial divide!

We are fed a diet of racism which goes both ways, in the press, in our conversations around our braai fires and in our daily interaction with each other. This, while important and praise worthy incidents are not mentioned or discussed and no action is taken against atrocities committed.

Let us start giving attention to worthy subjects and problems! Let’s not only pray, but let’s take action against the killing of all our people whatever the circumstances are. Let us give the gossip, politics and incidents of attention sought by people, what they deserve.

Let us work to heal, save and help each other !

We are better than what is currently going on – I really do believe that!


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