It is a fact that crime is a social economic problem, I do agree that the gap between the have and the have not’s (thanks to apartheid), is a lot higher in our country than the norm for other countries in the world. After having a look at the latest crime statistics, 2016/2017, it is clear that there is a huge difference in what I call subsistence crime (stealing to make a living), and killing and raping for whatever reason. In the past book year, there were 19016 murders, 39828 rapes and 140956 robberies with aggravated circumstances. These figures cannot be explained away by mentioning social economic problems. You do not kill, rob or rape because you are hungry!

For those of you who want to bring up the us and them excuse, shame on you, the color of skin in crime is not of importance. You want to bring me a robber, rapist and murderer of color, I will bring you a white robber, rapist and murderer. To take it further, what color is in charge of creating the markets for robbed vehicles, televisions etc. Who of you have not bought something “that fell of the back-end of a truck”? So no, this is our problem, this problem cannot be blamed on the color of your skin.

To me the action of robbing, raping or murdering are in the same category. The perpetrator takes something away with violence, which does not belong to him or her. In the case of murder – a person’s life, in the case of rape – a person’s soul and in the case of robbery – a person’s goods. The perpetrator by committing such an act, plays God. He/she entitles themselves to something they are not worthy off, and that I believe is the sickness of our time. Entitlement

More and more normal people believe they are entitled to be treated in a certain way. That entitlement value is earned because of a lot of things, let me mention a few. Money, status, gender, ethnicity etc. People believe these values earn them the right to be treated in a certain way, and if they are not treated in that way it gives them the right to act as they see fit. Normally in a huge rage, with the accompanying vocabulary attached. Is it not the same entitlement that is found in murder, robbery and rape? I will kill you , I am entitled to your life , because you stand between me and something I believe I am entitled to , and or because you have not treated me in a manner to which I am entitled to be treated , I have the right to take your life. I will rape you, because that gives me power over you, I am entitled to that power over you. I will rob you of your goods, because I am entitled to it. This has become the way some of us live, although we have not earned it, we are entitled to it. The way we believe how we should be treated and what we should have, and have power over, is part and parcel of the same sickness in our society, namely entitlement.

As a society we have changed, for the worse! We have become animals, we kill, rape and rob because we are entitled to it. We believe we should be treated in a certain way not because of good manners and respect we earned, but because we are entitled to it.

The truth of the matter is so far from it, nobody is entitled to anything. If you want to be treated in a certain way, treat others in that way, if you want respect, treat other with respect. If you like living, treat another’s right to live with the same dignity. If you need power over a woman, rape will not give it to you – earn it if it is so important to you. If you want something, robbery is the way of the coward, pull your finger out and work your ass off, and you will get it!

The more we indulge the notion of entitlement, the more we are on the slippery slope to nowhere ……………………………………………………………………………………….


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