I know now, how it feels to stand in an abyss, the dictionary describes an abyss as “a deep or seemingly bottomless chasm”. A place where the sun never shines, soundless, filled with desperation, tears and endless misery. Feelings of desperation, sadness and bitterness in waves of total powerlessness threaten to drag me lower and lower, in a torrent of hopelessness.

This week a paradigm shift has taken place in me. An incident where a good man, saw no other way out of debt other than to commit a serious crime; and that was only the start. It was followed by crime statistics that tell us 19016 people have been killed the past year in our country. At least a 1000 of them farmers and their work colleagues in the rural areas, this week alone 4 farmers were killed .Every day in South Africa 52 human beings are killed. 39828 woman were raped, 9 % of them girls 9 years and younger. Our president calls hard working, qualified people of color, that broke their backs to better themselves with everything against them, “clever blacks”! Our finance minister’s speech is of such quality that there is no stopping towards the mad rush of “junk status”. Our President is using tax payer money to fight in court, not to appoint a Commission of Enquiry into State Capture. I can continue page after page .The bad news is barreling towards a cliff of misery, with no chance of escape.

I do not have the answers as how to fix this mess. It is a bit above my pay grade and intellectual level; but I have no respect for any politician or political party, because they are the scum of the earth, and will do anything to get hold of power. I however do believe in democracy and freedom, and nobody will in my name allow nearly 20 000 people to get killed and nearly 40 000 women to get raped, 4000 of them little girls. When will we people, with no regards towards color, creed or faith, stop pointing fingers at each other, but take hands and say, not in my name will this continue! It does not make sense to wait until we as an entity (middle class) are bankrupt, where the South African rand is useless and millions of Rands in the form of savings are not worth anything. It cannot or will not happen? Bullshit – just look over the fence (no real fence it was stolen) towards our neighbour Zimbabwe. They were once called the “bread basket “of Africa. Now they do not even have their own currency but trade with bonds and can draw $50 American daily at an ATM, if it is working.

When will we stop thinking only about our existence? If we do not help the poor and the under privileged to get out of the cauldron of poverty and no hope, we will not have a future ourselves. I do not have enough money, neither do I want to immigrate. South Africa is my home! Politicians can say what they want, my ancestors and I sweated tears and our blood here – I will not leave. But we should stop bitching and start to fight, not with guns, but with our voices, votes and Rands! It is time for companies big and small to say stop, this cannot go on, change needs to take place. If we do nothing now, everybody will suffer in future. Every company, every citizen will suffer if we do not say enough is enough now. We are like an ostrich with its head in the sand, we cannot distance ourselves quickly enough from any form of controversy that addresses the government and the state of our country. However there is still enough money not to rock the boat too much, so let’s stay quiet. Good, stay silent! But in future I promise you – not in the long term but in the medium to short term there will not be an economy to sustain your business. Will you then have the balls to say to your employees, shareholders and your bosses, sorry, we should have addressed this years ago.

A special word to my fellow Afrikaners: The way we are going on now is wrong, looking the other way, hoping it will not happen to you, and clinging to your material possessions like homes, vehicles and savings – they will not save you. If you love this country like I do, it is time to be brave. We were the first and only generation ever that had to fight a war for our parents and our grandparents. As 17, 18 and 19 years old we had to defend a political ideology that we did not vote for and were brainwashed by a political monster called the National Party and the Broederbond. Are we going to do the same with our children? If we do nothing, if we do not stand up now and start fighting, our children will be forced to in future, and I am not willing to let that happen. At least we still have some money and resources now, there is a good chance our children will have nothing!

Not with guns and violence or joining such ridiculous organizations like the “ Boerelegioen” etc. It is time to take our pride back, with protest, with the threat of withholding taxes and doing it if need be. We should climb off our holy pedestal and start to march everywhere. We should close roads, and stop the country if needs be – for days on an end. I know this is not our way, however we have no other choice, if we do not stand up for ourselves, nobody else will. Nobody is coming to save us from across our borders, the DA cannot save your country, the only one who can save your country is you. We do not want to be the government, all we ask for is a fair share and a country that is properly governed.

It is mind boggling to me that 1 000 000 people, mostly Afrikaners, can come together on Ollie Le Roux’s farm and pray, but those same people cannot come together and fight for their future. Do you really believe God will come down and save this country? God saves those who want to save themselves! Those same people are too scared to write or say something that may not be politically correct. We are too scared of losing our jobs, we all have families to care for and to look after! I am scared too. But the truth is if we do not stand up and fight for our country now, there will be no country for our children to live in, in future.

To my friends with your foreign passport in you back pocket whether it be Irish, English, Israeli or Portuguese. You know who I am talking about. You have been my friends for years, I love you, some of you are like mentors to me. It is time to either shape up, or shut up and go. I am “gatvol” that you think you have the right to enrich yourself in my country with the safety of an overseas passport in your back pocket. Either burn your overseas passport and fight with us to save this country or take your stuff and go. To any other Afrikaners who want to go, pack up and go, South Africa has never been a place for the soft of soul. Unfortunately “slapgatte” in the form of “hendsoppers” and traitors have always been part and parcel of our history, please join them.

I would like to call out to the well-known South Africans who live all over the world and in the big security estates in our country .The Johann Rupert, Nicky Oppenheimer, Elon Musk , Francois Pienaar , Ernie Els , Retief Goosen , Andre P Brink ,Raymond Ackerman ,Mark Shuttleworth, Pierre Vos ,Angus Buchan , Fanie de Villiers , Allan Donald and all the other well-known Afrikaners and South Africans that drank at the fountain of South Africa . Your people are being killed at a rate of 52 per day, 50% of the citizens are living below the poverty line. We do not need money, we need your voices and leadership, or are you now a citizen of the world? Then shame on you I hope you can live with yourself.

The biggest shout out goes to the management of Afri Forum and Kallie Kriel personally. Firstly, thank you for all the South Africans you have fought for since 2006, but your job should only start now, with 200 000 members you are the only South African nonpolitical citizenship organization with a well-established infra structure in South Africa. We need leadership, I beg you, please stand up and help us, the masses are calling your name, and we need you to play a much bigger role in the leadership of your country.

I want everybody to please take note of the following:
• Democracy is the only way to go
• We do not need a change of government , we need a chance of people in that government
• We need people who wants to work for the people in this country , and be accountable to them
• Violence in any form and especially armed conflict should never be allowed.
• Protest should be non-violent at all times
• However it is every citizens right , or more importantly their duty to stand up against theft , thuggery and a corrupt government
• It is the duty of government to keep its citizens safe , it is failing in its task and should be held accountable
• Protest should be in the form of peaceful citizen disobedience

It is a time to be brave in this country, I know this document is not politically correct. However it is the truth. How can I ask my son and daughter to stay in this country, to be brave in this country and to help those who are poor and with no hope of a better future , if I am not brave myself? This country is my home, and it is worth fighting for!



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