It is with utter disgust that I took notice of Julius Malema’s political haymaking, regarding the so-called Black Monday march, and his treats of future violence. Just as shocking is the “you tube“videos of certain white commentary, enforcing the notion that violence in future, between races are a foregone conclusion.The outrageous speeches and comments of Julius Malema should be handled with the contempt it deserves. He is a political animal that will sell his own soul, and I think he has, just to get a few more supporters. These people are on the periphery of the political spectrum, and should be handled by absolutely ignoring them. Giving them any form of attention is like petrol on a fire, ignore them and they will disappear like the mist before the sun.
I could not help but take notice of the age of the young white men posting “you tube” videos of themselves. It is clear to me that none of them has ever been in any form of armed conflict. To them I want to say, stop acting like a “pampoen”, stop thinking armed conflict is glamorous and the way to go! You’ve seen to many movies! If you want to know what a war is, read Deneys Reitz’s book “God does not forget”. That will give you some perception into what war really is, involving Afrikaners. It is not glamorous, neither is it an answer to our problems.
What is more important is to try to understand who “US “is. “US” has no color, creed, religion, sex or religion. “US” or “We” are the hard-working men and woman of this country, who all have the same goals in life. To be happy, to look after our families and children, to give them a future. The “US” or “We” all worry about the farmers being killed, however we also worry about the 19016 murders and 38600 rapes that took place in our country. The “US” or “We” worry about the corruption and stealing of the government, and the pathetic response towards anything the government touch. The “US” or “We” do not march in the streets, committing criminal acts, after listening to a Malema’s speech, the “US” or “We” are at work, or resting to be able to go to work. The “US” or “We” should start to acknowledge each other, even if we do not agree on anything, our goals are the same. Even if we do not look the same, we are still the “US” or “We” of this country.
30% of the people of South Africa is unemployed, they will follow anyone who promise them any chance of a better future. Going to a huge march, or going to a speech where you get a t-shirt and transport, is a lot better than your daily existence of poverty. These are the people Malema wants to support him, the ones who think the “status quo” of the haves and the have-nots will never change. They are the ones that beliefs Malema’s stories about land, because it is the only story they hear. The “US” or “We” should start getting of our chairs, and endeavor to change these people’s lives. We should endeavor to make them part of “US” or “We”.
I do believe in democracy, I do not believe in any form of racism or sexism. I do belief the “US” or “We” have a major task to empower the less fortunate than “US” or “We”. It is time to stop with our petty bullshit of old South African flags or organizing protest just for one color of people. The “US” or “We” should decide the future of this country not clown politicians from the whole of the political spectrum. The “US” or “We” do not have to agree on everything, however we should take hands, protest for the “US” or “We” causes and work to uplift all the South Africans in this wonderful country!

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