Baggage = Hate

A single malt in one hand, and an Edenharts pipe puffing in my other hand, I was told by a mate of mine, that he does not have the ability to hate! It is something I do share with him, seeing that I have most of the other sins and shortages of known man. While it seem to be something small, it is really huge. You see, hate is baggage, and the more baggage you carry, the more difficult live becomes.

If we like it or not, hate is part of life! Some people control it by making it non-entities, they move these deserving people to a place where they neither think nor care about them. In fact these people are dead to them. This can work for some of us, but not for everybody. However, what is extremely important, that we need to address baggage we carry.

I make it easy for myself .In life there is only to kinds of people, emotional givers and takers. Givers cannot stop giving, they give all that they have, deserved or not .What they give is not always appropriate, neither is it politically correct, and sometimes it can even be in bad taste. However what is important, is to give love un-conditional. I really do belief, that if you have hate in your heart, you will battle to have the ability to really love. You see your psyche will not be able to give itself, if it is hold back by a small bit of baggage. You are wasting your time!

Fuck knows, baggage is so easy to collect. Sometimes it feels that people aspire to make me hate them on a daily basis (lol), It needs to be handled .I hear a lot, “I do not hate a person, but I will never forget what he did to me” – baggage! To me the most damaging baggage, is the oldest baggage, from days when you were a child, to partners that used you, to business acquaintances that stole from you. The list is un-endless in its severity and its weight, and please, let’s not forget how we hate ourselves, the most debilitating, scary hate there is.Well, here is a news flash, when you keep on hating people:
• Most of the time , they do not even know you hate them
• While you energize them , you drain yourself
• Most importantly you cannot love un-conditionally
• The baggage become too heavy
• It will start to make you physically sick
• At this time you are already mentally exhausted
• This manifests itself in mental problems
• Your actions becomes strange to yourself
• You forget who you are
• You were a giver , you are changing to be a taker

At this point, you will probably want to say to me. It is easy to talk or write about , but it is very difficult to change. I want to differ from you, letting go is much easier than you think. It is conscious decision to decide:
• It is time to let it go
• Make a note in your brain about the lesson you learned
• When you see the person be friendly
• When you find yourself thinking negatively about the baggage , tell yourself verbally ,”nobody is worth it” , and force yourself to think about something else
• Never speak badly about your baggage

I promise you, you will feel a physical weight falling of your shoulders. The freedom of not having baggage is exhilarating, and you will feel much better. Especially when you start forgiving yourself! I will not lie, sometimes I still think about my pathetic, cruel actions against people, and I am ashamed of myself. I force myself to think about something positive or different in my life. It is not that I have forgotten the lessons of my actions that will stay forever. But all of us need a break, the most important thing is to give yourself one. I promise you, whatever you have done in life, somebody has done something more horrific.

As soon as the baggage is gone, UN –conditional love and goodness will be able to form part of your life. You think you are a good, partner, mate, spouse, father, mentor etc. After throwing off the baggage, you will feel, how to do it properly.

Does this mean life will be all honey and flowers, of course not, but at least you will really taste it and smell it for the first time! I just wish getting rid of my “fat gut” was that easy! But I do love myself!


The Royal Coffee Shop

Is it not amazing, that although the world wants to tell us that you need money, status and fame to make your mark, it is still the small things that counts?

Some years ago my spouse and I, stopped at a new coffee shop .The young owner came to introduce himself. He was built like a little Apollo ,and made such an impression on us, we still go to Klasie’s particular shop, years later. Sometimes we will drive many a kilometer out of our way, to go to the Royal Coffee Shop in Stone ridge, Greenstone. Although we only visit and average of twice a month, we feel like family when visiting the Royal.

But we are not the only people that feels like this , about every visit we meet other regulars , all of us enjoys going there , because Klaas is there , yes, the coffee is good , the food is excellent , but the patrons and the owner is great! We will ask about each other’s families, other patrons we have met there, and of course how Klaas is beautiful wife and gorgeous 8 month daughter is doing. Photos will be shared, stories will be told and of course advice will be given. The Royal Coffee shop has become, a pinnacle in a lot of people lives .The only reason for it, the owner! He does not only sell coffee etc. he shares himself.

This young man, is not only a great business success, he is an example of hard work, passion and above all, how a proper human being treat other people. So next time you need some sustenance , go to the Royal Coffee Shop across from the Spar at Stoneridge Mall, Greenstone , ask for Klasie , ask him what he suggest you drink , and told him Hein send you! You will not be sorry!


My best friend-Jacky

One of the secrets in life, sounds a lot like a cliché. “That it is important in life to marry your best friend”. Well I am lucky, I am not married to my best friend, but me and she decided to spend the rest of our lives together without the trappings of legal and society rules.My best friend turns 50 today, and we have been together the last 10 years. The best 10 years of my life.

10 Years ago I was tethering on a knife point, I was a divorcee without much of a future, still thinking I know it all, with shaky relationships with my children because of my selfishness and low self-esteem. Purely by accident Jacky, came into my life. I did not make it easy for her, at first she was just another potential prey, and to put it mildly, she was just part of a herd of prey. That changed very quickly.Early in our relationship, I got seriously sick. Belief it or not , I still tried to have more than 1 “nurse” , that was a turning point , I was told to make a decision , and that decision turned out not only to be the right one for me , but it also saved my life .

I was in high care for 3 weeks, and in hospital for more than a month in total. Jacky came to hospital twice a day, she came early before work, and then again in the afternoon when she was finished .As I had “Guillain- Barre syndromet “, I was paralyzed about 90 percent at its worse. She bathed me, cleaned my arse, fed me, she did everything for me for more than a month, without complaining once. I was 140 kilograms on a good day, with a filthy temperament and very scared, in short I was not nice to be around for. As people will know who goes through something like this, friends disappear like mist before the sun, but Jacky stayed.

When I went home, I learned another lesson quickly. I stumbled to the shower, and in the shower my legs gave away. I could not stand up, I screamed for help, just to be told, I am out of hospital, I should help myself. It took an hour to cover the 6 meters to my bed. But the point was made, she would not be my maid, and probably saved my life the second time in 3 months.

Our first couple of years together was tough. You put 2 pieces of rock together, neither willing to give an inch, and you will get a lot of conflict. In this time Jacky was retrenched from a very senior position and I absolutely hated my work. We went through a very tough time economically, and our personal lives concerning our children did not make it much easier. But we did not quit, we fought the battles together.

Children can make or break any relationship. However your demeanor and how you grow up as a parent can decide the relationship you have with your children. I am stating it categorically, that if it was not for Jacky, I would not have the brilliant relationship, I have with my children today. Before it was so bad, that my daughter had her first boyfriend for 3 months, being too scared to introduce him to me. Today they have been together for 6 years, and I am still trying not to like him. Jacky and Jampie are best mates, and Erik still phones Jacky firs when he “f…. up”. The best thing was, that Jacky taught me to was to except my kids, and that all perfect children are in heaven. Jacky’s children was a huge culture shock to me, but today can honestly say, I love them just as much as I love my own. Jacky taught me to love all my children unconditionally! Even if they make you so angry you want to kill them.

One thing of getting older, is the ability to be introspective. I find it extremely healthy, I have learned that I am an acquired taste, and that not all people like me. I have learned to be more tolerant, or as they say in Afrikaans “Rustig”. I have learned to let things go, and that I do not have all the answers in the world. Most of these lessons Jacky taught me!

I think the biggest thing Jacky taught me was to love. Not the physical love of a youngster, nor the all over the top love that makes it difficult to breath. Not the all-encompassing love that force people to change who they are. But a love that start with respect, a love that is not jealous, a love that your spouse’s needs are more important than yours. A love that is un-conditional.

No relationship is plain sailing, and if it was, that would have been boring. Jacky and me have eaten our bags of salt, and we will keep eating them in future .We have serious challenges in our own lives and the lives of our children. We are not perfect human beings, especially not me. Jacky is ambitious to a fault, she is not the most empathetic person in the world. She calls a spade a spade, and she does not have time for fools. But she is an unbelievable human being.

Jacky, thank you for making me a better human being these last 10 years. Thank you for tolerating my irritating habits. Thanks you for spoiling me not on a daily basis, but second to second. But being with your best friend is like being home, you feel loved, safe and secure. Thank you for unconditionally loving me, but most of all, thank you for being my best friend.
Happy Birthday!



The world is one upside down place at this moment in my opinion. I have always been an avid news reader, and prided myself on my knowledge of the current world. However on a daily basis I am finding myself to be exceedingly depressed after reading the ongoing chaos in the world.

It is a well-known fact that I am not religious, however nowadays I find myself wishing that I was religious. At least then, there will be a way out and something to look forward to. It is exceedingly difficult to stay positive in South Africa at this moment in time. Politicians are stealing millions of rands on a daily basis, without any form of prosecution and culpability. As soon as an individual speaks out he is branded as racist and an agent of white economic whatever. It makes me wonder what happened to this country when we give diplomatic immunity to a president’s wife after she assaulted a person of color in our country.

The world per say is not much better, every second week there is terrorist incidents in Europe. Thousands of people drown on a daily basis in the Mediterranean Sea on a daily basis trying to flee from war and famine. North Korea is threatening the rest of the world with a nuclear holocaust while the Unites states have never been so divided, since their civil war. There is terrorist cells in Australia and floods and earthquakes in New Zealand.

It seems the whole world is in a quest to destroy itself.

I am a simple man , most of the time I am exceedingly optimistic , but nowadays , more and more I find myself to have a bit of a “laager” mentality. To you who do not know a “laager” is , here is some facts, A ”laager” was set up by forming a circle with ox wagon , below the wheels of the ox wagons , it was stuff full of thorn shrub. The “laager” was seen as a save space if you were inside, to fight off any enemies on the outside of the “laager”. The “laager” mentality comes in when you stop being part of the outside world, when you become impervious of the happenings of the outside world. You see yourself and those who choose to do the same as you, as untouchable by the filthy world outside your “laager”. Your “laager” or as how we call it our houses, becomes our places of safety, where we become hermits in a world surrounded by walls gates, burglarproofs and security gates. We hardly know our neighbors, and we are scared to go out. Not only scared to go out, we cannot go out because we cannot afford to go out. Our hand to mouth existence, totally encompass a world that does not make sends anymore.

I am really jealous of religious people. They are willing to take the pain now, to later have a life in paradise. My paradise, the belief in oneself and humanity, has shown itself to be selfish and bankrupt.

What now? Become religious? That I have to lie to myself . I do not know, what I do know is we are destroying ourselves………………….


30 Jaar Later -28/8/1987

28 Augustus 2017

Hello Pa ,
Vandag 30 jaar terug , het Pa na ‘n beter plek toe gegaan .

Ek verlang nog elke dag na Pa , die laaste 30 jaar was nie altyd maklike jare gewees nie . Ma is nie meer daar nie , sy het so paar jaar terug gegaan. Dit gaan goed met Derek en Karen , en ons almal het regtig die huwelik ding deur en deur probeer . Ons kan met sekerheid se , nie een van ons is trou materiaal nie

Maar ek kan met vrymoedig se , Pa sou ‘n baie trotse Oupa gewees het . Derek se seun Kian is n blok van n seun , hy gaan volgende jaar hoerskool toe.Hy is baie sportief , speel rugby en krieket , vang die heeltyd vis , en is ‘n brander ryer . Soos Pa kan aflei , bly Derek by die see , hy is baie gelukkig daar . Hy bly in Jeffreysbaai .Derek is beslis pa se kaalvoet klong , en het nie veel tyd vir die gewone wereld nie. Hy slaan die lewe se drom op sy eie ritme.

Karen is ‘n onderwyseres , ‘n baie goeie onderwyseres . Sy het baie swaar gekry toe Ma weg is . Sy het 2 “kiddies” , Johane is op hoerskool , en doen baie goed .Sy is baie lank , maar ‘n baie mooi mens , en ‘n regte plaatjie as dit by haar Ma kom . Stefan ,Karen se seun is ‘n groot man , hy is verskriklik lief vir boer maar is op die oomblik op Universiteit , waar hy goed doen . Al is hy so groot , is hy sag sprekend , hy het baie van sy mens wees by Pa-Dries (Ons stiefpa , en Pa se ou vriend) geleer . Hy is oppad om net so wonderlike man soos sy Stief Oupa te word.

Dan kom ons by my , al wat ek kan se van myself , is dat ek ‘n “great” lewe met baie ervaringe gehad het en nog steeds het . Ek het totaal onder presteer as dit by ‘n loopbaan kom , en het al ‘n paar van hulle gehad . Tog het ek nog altyd hard gewerk , soos Pa , al kon ek baie meer met my lewe gedoen het. So 10 jaar terug het ek ‘n wonderlike vrou ontmoet , sy het my lewe figuurlik en letterlik gered , en vandag kan ek eerlik se , ek hou van wie ek is! Ek het ook 2 kinders , Jeanne-Marie is oor 17 maande ‘n mediese dokter , sy is beeldskoon , baie slim , en ‘n goeie mens , sy is die punt van my hart en is alles wat ‘n mens in ‘n dogter wil he. Sy het ongelukkig ook haar Oupa se humeur , en het nie veel tyd vir dwase nie . My seun Erik , is na Pa vernoem. Hy is ‘n formidabele sportman , wat heeltemal onder presteer . Klink dit bekend Pa . Aartjie na sy Vaartjie ! Hy is ook op Universiteit , en doen goed . Ons kan ook dan natuurlik soos Hond en Kat baklei , sekere goed verander nooit tussen Koekemoers nie.

Soos Pa kan sien , is Pa se nageslag , nie op ‘n slegte plek nie , en al is ons by verre seker nie die produkte wat Pa, sou wou gehad het nie , is hier tog ‘n sterk fondasie vir die pad vorentoe!

So sterkte Pa! Baie liefde! Ons mis Pa!


Die Skaduwee

Op “kyk net “ in die DSTV bondel , het ek ‘n diamant ontdek , wat my baie plesier gee .Die reeks is al ‘n ruk aan die gang , en dit is die 2de reeks . “Die boekklub” is besonder goed geskryf , en het ‘n rolverdeling van akteurs wat jou na jou asem laat snak. Dit is ‘n modern storie , met gewone mense , ‘n storie wat baie”taboes” aan spreek sonder om dit in jou keel af te druk.

In die laaste episode , was daar ‘n se ding , wat my direk aan gespreek het . “ Ons almal het ‘n skaduwee die probleem kom , wanneer jou skaduwee , met jou opvang” . Dit was vir my een van die mooiste beskrywings van depressie wat ek nog ooit gehoor het. Nie dat dit ‘n “mooi” naam verdien nie.Die enigste manier hoe ek dit vir myself kan maklik maak is om dit te sien as ‘n vyand wat elke dag baklei moet word .

Ek het nie die kennis of antwoorde as dit kom by depressie nie , al wat ek vra , as jy iemand ken wat oog daagliks moet baklei . Gaan gee hom of haar , ‘n drukkie en se jy is lief vir hulle!

We need leaders not politicians

The world as such, is in a very strange place currently. With a clown in the White House , a dictator in Russia , various Omni gods trough out Africa especially, South Africa and in South America , Europe totally losing it nationalities and the Uk being better known as Londonistan . It is clear that the world is infested with politicians, while there is a huge shortage of real leaders!

Politicians love to call themselves the leaders of the people, however nothing can be further away from the truth. Real leaders attract people with their personality, honesty and rigid manners and morals that shines like a brilliant light. They do not need recognition or power, that part of the package is attributed to them without them even trying. Money to them is a commodity to spend wisely towards the needs of the people  These leaders also do not need to be told of their standing or their statue in society. It comes naturally to them, because they see themselves as a servant to their people. These leaders are people like George Washington, Nelson Mandela, Gandhi, Genl. Jan Smuts and Winston Churchill. None of the named was without fault, however none of them was scared of real greatness not coupled to material wealth.

It is time we call politicians what they are. They are the filth at the bottom of the barrel. They are the opportunist that could play the political game the best, in political parties, with ideologies that suits them. They are not very good in the professions they choose, case an point Mr. FW de Klerk who was a mediocre attorney from Vanderbijlpark, before joining the ranks of the National Party. I do not have to tell you that the schooling of our current President, borders on the ridiculous. All of them have a huge appetite for power and money to enrich themselves, but will easily change ideologies and viewpoint when it serves them at an opportune time. They are not leaders, they do not see themselves as servants of the people. The see themselves as Gods that is there to manage the populations while having the right to enrich themselves. They decide what’s best for the people, they are not there to serve, protect and enrich the lives of common men and woman. They are there to serve themselves and the cadres around them who keep them in power.

I do not have the answers for the future, but neither does the current crop of politicians in South Africa and around the world. It seems the young bright people rather choose to become entrepreneurs and follow the path of greatness being achieved by monetary targets. It is a shame, because public service is more important in the world today, than ever before. I really do wish for leaders with convictions far greater than themselves that can lead not only South Africa but the world, being in the service of the normal man in the street.

It may be far fetched, but so was the union of George Washington, the freedom of Nelson Mandela, the peace of Gandhi, the United Nations of Smuts and the victory of Churchill against fascism.


Reaction Officer JM

It is with great sadness I read about the passing on of Reaction Officer JM , from 24/7 Security while fighting off 3 robbers who intended to rob a garage shop. As a person with 24 year experience in the security industry, and close links to 24/7 Security I can testify this is not a un common experience. Security Officers do heroic deeds on daily basis. However what is absolutely pathetic is the apathy these wonderful men and woman are treated with.

The South African public’s treatment of security officers doing their work, is shameful. People cannot help themselves making them the bud of every second joke .Endless conversations will be about security officers not doing their work and/or being involved in crime .They get treated with shouts of complaints swearing and insults every day of their lives. How can a security officer tell us what to do? How can a security officer tell us where to park? How can a security ask us to watch our actions and language? Who do they think they are, trying to order us learned, wealthy individuals what to do and how to do it?

A fact that is not mentioned is that contract security is the thin red line, between chaos and anarchy in South Africa. If a proper Police Service was available, there will not be a market for contract security. Security Officers puts limb and life on the line, to protect the property and goods of most South Africans in some way or from every second of our lives. That for a paltry salary. Who of you have not seen security officers run to work in the morning not to be late on duty, or still next to the road late at night trying to get home.

Yes, security is a big industry in South Africa. However what is not known, is that it is probably the most over regulated industry in the country. From salaries to uniforms to working hours is governed by laws and the Department of Labour .Security Company owners do not swim in money. However they are responsible for employing at least 450 000 people in South Africa, one of the biggest employment sectors in our economy.

It is a fact, there are unscrupulous security company owners, and there are some security officers involved in crime. It is like any other industry in South Africa .There are good ones and there are bad ones. However you will not find security officers, taking corruption money next to the road at a traffic stop, and no company in South Africa loses as many fire-arms as the SAPS. Security Service providers did not create the industry, that was done by government and its inability to keep its citizens safe.

For you the normal armed response client, I want to do the following calculation. An average armed response fee is about R500 per month. So you pay R16,66 per day , to have an armed response company come when needed .In other words you pay 69 cents per hour , for an armed reaction officer to come to your aid when you need him, putting his life in danger. How much should somebody pay you , to put your life in danger willingly.

SIXTY NINE CENTS……………………..makes you think, does it not.

So for all you out there, who enjoys to bully security officers? Be scared, be very scared, because it is not if you will need their help. It is when you are going to need their help. For your sake I hope you get a Reaction Officer like Reaction Officer JM, and not what you deserve.

To my fellow colleagues in the Security Industry, men and woman. I salute you and is exceedingly proud to serve with you every day .Especially men and woman like Reaction Officer RM.


Children of Africa

The following viewpoint totally disregards politics and crime. Please bear with me, I get so “gatvol” with it, allow me sometime to just forget about it.

I belief the key to be happy in South Africa, is the ability to be African. This sounds very confusing at first however the more I think about it, the more me belief in it. I you need and want European first world amenities around you , then it is right to make Australia, New Zealand and/or any other first world countries your home. I will never begrudge you, for your choice. However do allow me, to love my country and my continent.

To be able to say that, you have to belief that you belong here. I do. My family has lived in South-Africa for the past 350 years .We are part and parcel of the fabric of this continent. Yes, we were immigrants, like the majority of the populations of the countries in the western world. The difference is, that we did not immigrate to find a country with opportunity and safety, we immigrated to a wild frontier, with no safety and guarantees expect the promise of freedom .My language “Afrikaans” was born and created here, my grandparents and their parents are buried here. We have fought wars against Imperialists, to safeguard our country. My female and child ancestors was put in concentration camps and 27000 of them died , my male ancestors was either killed or banished to places like Bermuda and Sri Lanka.We build an infra structure in a country , still the best in Africa.

Yes, some of my ancestors was part in political decisions that impacted the rest of the mostly people of colour. Decisions that de-humanized, hurt and destroyed them. However this is not foreign to Africa, with indigenous wars in Rwanda, The Congo, and Uganda, Nigeria and Somalia and various other African wars in Africa. That does not mean, that every one of its people do not still regard themselves as citizens and part of their countries. To the victor comes the spoils.

However what is very true, is that some white South Africans (Especially English speaking), belief that their way of life, especially the materialistic elite way of life, is under treat. It is, and it should be. If you want to be African, you have to fight and safeguard certain principles. Education and poverty being the biggest. If white South Africans have to wear the burden of affirmative action , and high taxes , and that means that it will create an educate a poverty free society , I am all for it . We have survived 350 years in Africa, we will keep on surviving, and it is just another challenge!

I started off by saying, I am disregarding politics in this opinion piece. However is it not amazing that the biggest treat in South Africa currently is Politics and Politicians .With rhetoric bordering on lies and half-truths being the weapons of power and prestige!

As I have said previously. I belief in South Africa and its people, whatever colour, creed, tribe or faith, in the end we are all humans, and children of Mother Africa!


‘n Laaste Brief

Hello Pa , Hello Ma
Waar julle ookal is , ek hoop dit gaan goed . Ek het ‘n paar dinge te se , en siende dat julle nie meer daar is nie , is dit tog belangrik vir my om dit op papier te sit.

Een van die beste dinge van tyd is ,’n mens vergeet van die lelike , en jy onthou net die lekker dinge . Tog Pa , in enige iemand se terme was jy ‘n “bliksem” . Beslis nie een van die maklikste mense om oor die weg te kom nie , maar tog met ‘n klein hartjie wat baie maklik sag kon raak . Ek is jammer oor die laaste 2 jaar , dinge was nie lekker tussen ons nie . Weet asseblief dat ek , nou dat my seun 20 is , ek jammer is oor my rebelsheid . Ek kon dinge anders hanteer het .Vandag weet ek , jy moes verskriklike depressie gehad het. Die dinge wat met jou gebeur het was taai in enige iemand se taal . Destyds was anders , depressie was ‘n vloekwoord , en die medisyne (alkahol)wat jy gebruik het , was een van die redes , hoekom dinge so lelik teen die einde geword het. Maar ek sal nooit vergeet dat jy altyd daar was vir my , elke wedstryd . Jy was my motiveerder , en my kruk. Ek wens ek het “guts” gehad om vir jou te se ek wil nie ‘n dominee word nie , ek weet jy het gevoel ek moes. Meer as enige iets in my lewe , hoop ek jy weet , al is my lewe nie wat jy vir my sou wens nie , ek 2 “great” kinders het , wat jy mal oor sou wees.Ek wens jou kon hulle sien, ek wens ek kon ‘n bier drink saam met Pa! Ek hoop nie Pa is teleurgesteld in my nie!

Ek kan eerlik se , al het daar baie dinge gebeur , ek baie dankbaar was ,dat Pa, my Pa was Dankie vir al die opofferings , dankie dat ek net die beste gehad het , terwyl Pa tekort gely het. Ek is jammer vir elke ding waarin ek jou teleur gestel het . Ek wens ek het meer vir jou gese , dat ek lief is vir jou ! Pa , asseblief weet , wat ookal gebeur het tussen ons , ek vergewe jou asseblief probeer om my ook te vergewe.

As ek terug dink , is daar vir my 2 tyd gleuwe , die laaste 6 jaar , en die tyd voor dit . Kom ons praat oor die laaste 6 jaar eerste . Dit was taai , vir ons almal , en al is dit moeilik is om te se , seker maar die taaiste vir Ma ook . Ek wil nie meer hieroor praat nie ! Dit maak my hartseer , want die person in jou vel die laaste 6 jaar was nie my ma nie! Dit is genoeg, ‘n Siekte het nie verskonings nodig nie!
Die tyd voor dit , wel , ek het die beste Ma in die wereld gehad ! Sy het my alles gegee , nie net liefde nie , maar al was ons arm , was ons altyd ordentlik aan getrek , jy kon ons deur ‘n ring trek ! Tot vandag toe nog kan ek eerlik se , niemand kon soos my ma kook nie , Erik, my seun se dit vandag toe nog . Niemand kon soos sy ouma kos maak nie . My Ma was ‘n wonderlike skoonma vir haar skoon dogters , en Liezl en Lenti kan daaroor getuig . Karen was haar alles , en al het ek partykeer jaloers geraak , verstaan ek dit vandag. My ma het alles vir ons gedoen ,rond gery vir tennis en orrel lesse , sy was ons “moms taxi” nog voor daar een was .My Ma se beste bate was dat sy ‘n fantastiese Ma was! Dinge was oor die algemeen maar krapperig gewees met my Pa , hy was ‘n moeilike man . Vir ‘n lang tyd het ek geglo my ma moes ons meer beskerm het teen hom . Dit her verander toe ek met haar later daaroor gepraat het . Ek was danbaar vir Pa-Dries , want my Ma is deur kom soos ‘n koningin behandel , sy het dit verdien .Dankie vir Ma se liefde , al is dit nie baie gese nie , was dit gevoel gewees .Jammer vir my tekort- kominge , veral oor die laaste 6 jaar . Ek is bly Ma is nou rustig , Ma verdien dit! Lief Ma!

Bowenal wil ek net dankie se vir Ma en Pa , dankie vir Derek en Karen , dankie vir die voorreg om ‘n familie te he , en julle kinders te kan wees!